Birkbeck, University of London

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Birkbeck, University of London, Birkbeck as or shortly known BBK, is a College of the University of London.


The college is named after its founder, George Birkbeck, named. He founded the College in 1823 under the name Mechanics' Institution. 1907 got dan name Birkbeck College. 2002 officially put it the word from college to perform only the name Birkbeck, still Birkbeck College, however, is the widespread name.

The original focus of the university, which was in the range of undergraduate courses in the part-time region is now especially complemented by research-intensive post-graduate degree programs in the fields of arts, humanities and social sciences. For example, mid-1990s, the London Consortium Graduate School was established. This represents a merger of Birkbeck, the Architectural Association, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Science Museum and the Tate Gallery represents the courses offered here are supervised by professors of the University and the Architectural Association and the curators of the participating museums. The lectures are aimed at the premises of the University as well as the Tate Modern and the Tate Britain gallery. Among the permanent teaching include Anthony Julius, Tom McCarthy, Colin MacCabe, Laura Mulvey, Steven Connor, Marina Warner, Juliet Mitchell, Stuart Hall ( †), Roger Scruton, Salman Rushdie, Tilda Swinton and Slavoj Žižek.

In addition, possess the economic and scientific master's and doctoral programs tradition. Thus, the chair of theoretical physics from 1961 to 1987 was directed by David Bohm, who also made ​​significant contributions in the field of quantum mechanics, among others. The two Nobel laureate Aaron Klug and Derek HR Barton were also working at the University.

Since 1998 there are between Birkbeck and University College London collaborations that deal under the umbrella of the specially established Bloomsbury Centre for structural biology and bioinformatics.

Ranking and Reputation

In a global comparison, the college has recently led to the 152nd place. This corresponds to number 56 in the pan-European comparison. Also as part of the QS ranking achieved Birkbeck in the faculties covered by ranking good rankings. In the field of Arts & Humanities, a ranking was achieved within the Top 100.

The College can not be detected by ordinary national rankings often, as these are primarily based on data collected from full-time bachelor's degree programs, which are not offered by Birkbeck. The master's and doctoral programs, which can be completed in contrast to Bachleorstudiengängen in conventional ( full-time ) Studienmodi, enjoy an excellent reputation.

As part of the RAE 2001, Birkbeck College took over the entire width of the price range according to the Guardian ranking nationally ranked 13th in the inquiry, the Times saw the College in a national comparison to 27th place

As part of the Guardian RAE 2008, the College occupied cross-faculty course 31 of 133 The Times saw the university ranked 33 of 133 Six individual faculties of the University have established themselves in the course of the rating in the national top 5 and thus increase the research budget of the University.

2010/2011 the university had held nationally ranked number 23 in THE ranking.

In June 2010, the University of the highest possible rating ( confidence ) was awarded by the Central Quality Assurance QAA.

In September 2010 it was announced that the Birkbeck College was nominated for the prestigious 2010 Times Higher Education Award of the "University of the Year."

By partnering with leading universities, the reputation of the university has steadily improved. Besides research cooperation in the fields of art & architecture, or life sciences (University College London), the " London Graduate School in Mathematical Finance" was founded as a joint venture of leading London Universities in 2006. The cooperation between BBK, the London School of Economics, Imperial College and King's College London, in addition to master classes also offers doctoral courses.


Among the better-known alumni of the University include:

  • Denis MacShane ( Labour Party Member of Parliament ( MP) )
  • Richard Sambrook ( BBC 's Executive Board "Global News"
  • Ramsay MacDonald (former Prime Minister of England )
  • Annie Besant, ( British freethinker, Freemason, women's rights activist, journalist, writer and politician )
  • Alan Davey (MP)
  • Kitty Ussher (MP, former Minister of the UK Treasury )
  • Álvaro Pombo, Spanish poet, novelist and political activist )