Steve Maslow

Steve Maslow ( born October 17, 1944 in Los Angeles ) is an American sound engineer, who was three times awarded the Oscar for Best Sound and was nominated four additional times.


At his first movies Steve Maslow worked with in 1978, when he worked on the sound mixing for Martin Scorsese's film The Band and the road movie Convoy and was hired as a sound mixer for the film The Children of Sanchez. Followed to date more than 200 other films in which he participated as a sound engineer.

In 1979, he was together with Gregg Landaker for the sound mix of the first part of the Star Trek movie series, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, in charge, in the following year they took over this function for the film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Cooperation with Landaker stopped for numerous other films, including the 1981 produced Indiana Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, and in 1994 produced thriller Speed ​​. For all three films, the two sound engineers received the Academy Award for Best Sound. For three other films on which he worked with Landaker, he was also nominated for an Oscar in this category: Waterworld (1996 ), Twister (1997 ) and U -571 ( 2001).

Last Maslow worked in post-production of the remake of The Great Gatsby, which was directed by Baz Luhrmann, and took over, together with Gregg Landaker, the sound mix for the horror thriller, The Conjuring, which started off in Germany in August 2013.

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