Takayama, Gifu

Takayama (Japanese高山 市, - shi) is a Japanese city in Gifu Prefecture on the main island Honshu.


Town, referred to mostly Hida -no- Takayama (飞 騨 高山), is the center of the Hida region, which includes the nearby Japanese Alps, and lies on the banks of the Miyagawa in a valley at an altitude of 573m.

By incorporations in recent years Takayama is with an area of ​​2179.67 km ² in area, the largest municipality of Japan. Sister cities are Denver and Matsumoto.


Historical evidence there is to back to the 7th century. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Kanamori ruled from here the Han in the province of Hida Takayama. 1692 Kanamomori ( Yamagata Prefecture today ) were treated according to Kami -no- yama in Dewa. In 1695 the castle was demolished on the Shiroyama, the city came under the direct management by the shogunate. From this time many landmark buildings, particularly the Takayama Jinya (高山 阵 屋), which is surrounded by a wall administrative headquarters in the city, the best preserved of its kind in Japan come. 1937 Takayama was given the status of a city.


Tourist attractions include the buildings from the time of the Edo period (hence the nickname "Little Kyoto " ), the old town with traditional crafts, stores and restaurants, and the nearby Hida Folk Village (飛驒 の 里Hida no sato ). In April and October, the Takayama festival is held with traditional floats, one of the most important festivals of its kind in Japan. Important art museums are the Hikaru Memorial Museum and the Hida Takayama Museum of Art with an Art Nouveau collection.

The village Ogimachi Shirakawa- gō 1995 was appointed to the unique construction of houses for World Heritage Site.


  • Street: Tōkai - Hokuriku Expressway
  • National Road 41: Nagoya and Toyama
  • National roads 156, 158, 257, 361, 72, 47.4


Besides tourism, the main industries are wood processing, especially the woodcarving, and mechanical engineering.

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