Uddevalla Municipality

The Uddevalla municipality located in the province of Bohuslän (Sweden) / Administration Västra Götaland County. It lies about 80 km north of Gothenburg. Capital is Uddevalla, more cities are Ammenäs, Tracklights, Herrestad, Hogstorp Ljungskile, Sunningen and other smaller villages.


The Uddevalla municipality extends from the North Sea coast to the interior and is bounded to the north by Gullmarsfjord and to the west by Havstensfjord that separates the municipality of the neighboring community and Orust as well as of the upstream archipelago. The municipal area is heavily undulating and partly difficult to access.


After the closure of industries in the seventies and eighties, the economic focus has shifted to the service sector. Larger industrial enterprises are Uddevalla AB and Pininfarina Sverige AB (formerly Volvo Cars AB), the biggest employer but the community and the provincial hospital. Also, tourism is important.