What's So Bad About Feeling Good?

Wedding night in front of witnesses, in the original title What's So Bad About Feeling Good? ( in German: What's so bad about feeling good? ) is an American feature film from 1968 by director George Seaton. The script he wrote himself along with Robert Pirosh. It is based on the story I am Thinking of My Darling by Vincent McHugh. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the strip came the first time on 17 May 1968 in the cinemas.


The first symptoms show up on a prior New York dropped anchor Greek freighter. The usually grumpy sailors fall into a euphoria that has caused a by a toucan transmitted virus. The bird is in quarantine, but escapes and flies to the East Village, where Liz and Pete live in a group of hippies. Liz is immune; But Pete is infected. He immediately infected his cronies, the sooner the philosophy of absolute hopelessness expire, now remain in a state of well life. The happiness epidemic is spreading, threatening the whole of New York to capture. The road users no longer blaring in itself; the couples cease to bicker. The divorce rates go back the love of couples are faced with the registry offices snake. The people set their vices like smoking and drinking; the state threatens whether the loss of tax revenue to go bankrupt.

Washington turns. Protective masks are distributed. Since the antidote is found. The fact that Pete is back into the bearded and grumpy figure of yore, is Liz's problem.


" An original romantic comedy that does not quite hold out their fresh production style. "

" The useful idea has not duly recovered, so only average comic entertainment. "

" The satire is a bit under the fact that director George Seaton can speak the said bird comic strip -like. Interesting nonetheless, partly because of George Furth's performance as the right hand of Dom DeLuises politician and a cameo appearance by Thelma Ritter. "