William C. Grimes

William C. Grimes ( born November 6, 1857 in Lexington ( Ohio), † April 8, 1931 in Santa Monica ) was an American politician.


Grimes was born in 1857 in Lexington, Ohio. At 20 he moved to Nebraska. He worked in the newspaper business and possessed a commercial company. Shortly before the Oklahoma Land Run (1889 ) drew Grimes into local Kingfisher County.

In 1901, he was 10 days, Governor of Oklahoma Territory. After this brief tenure, he moved to Oregon and later to California. He lived in Santa Monica, where he died in 1931.

In his political offices located Grimes sat for the implementation of law and order in the still very chaotic and rather anarchic Oklahoma one.

Political career

  • Before 1898: election as sheriff of the district Johnson in Nebraska
  • 1898: Grimes is the Republican party leaders, mayors and a Marshal of the United States.
  • 1901: Secretary of the Oklahoma Territory ( appointed by President McKinley )
  • 1901: Governor of Oklahoma Territory