Yovanna (Greek Giovanna Γιοβάννα, actually Ioanna Fassou Kalpaxi Ιωάννα Φάσσου Καλπαξή, * 1940 in Amaliada ) is a Greek singer and writer.

Life and work

Ioanna Fassou Kalpaxi is the daughter of the famous Greek painter Kostas Fassos. The musical girl sang in a children's choir and received early piano and dance lessons. From the age of 14, she took singing lessons. She had trained her voice at the Music Academy of Athens. After finishing her diploma, she made ​​her debut in the operetta The Skylark and gave some concerts in their Greek homeland.

However, the artist turned to popular music and took the stage name Yoanna. She sang at all the major festivals in Athens and Thessaloniki. Great achievements came in the former Soviet Union, particularly in the Soviet Republic of Georgia. Also on Cyprus she was a vielbejubelter star. But even in France, Italy, Israel, Brazil, Germany, Turkey and Switzerland, etc. she gave many concerts, there was radio and TV appearances. In 1965, she represented Switzerland in Luxembourg at the Grand Prix Euro Vision Song Contest ( Euro Vision Song Contest) with the song Non - à jamais sans toi, which landed on the 8th Place. In her home country, she sang a lot of songs by Mikis Theodorakis.

In Germany, she signed a recording contract with Ariola, then with Polydor. Her song Tiritombabalu was sold 500,000 times.

Today, the artist, who is married to a lawyer and businessman Dimitirs Kalpaxis, predominantly literary operated. In their homeland have been published seven successful novels.

Discography (selection)


  • I mirta ( Bottom myrtle ) / An thimithis t ' oniro mou ( If you remember my dream ); Label: Ariola No. 10 138
  • Tiritomba balu / You're a Don Juan; Label: Polydor No. 52 208
  • You, you, oh, you, my darling / It's so nice to be in love; Label: Polydor
  • I 'll give you everything you want / Darling tell you are true to me; Label: Polydor


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