1905–06 Scottish Cup

The Scottish FA Cup in 1905 /06 played out for the 33rd time. The most important Scottish football cup competition began on January 27, 1906 and ended with the final on 28 April 1906 in which Heart of Midlothian was able to put against Third Lanark 1-0. The game was played at Ibrox Park in Glasgow. The Hearts celebrated from 1891 until the year 1906, the greatest achievements in the club's history with two championships and won four Cup victories. For Hearts, it should be the last title until 1955.

First round

Were wearing the meetings on January 27, 1906.

2nd round

Were wearing the meetings on 10 February 1906. Repetition games were held on February 17 and 24 and March 3, 1906 instead.



Were wearing the meetings on 24 February and 10 March 1906. The replay took place on March 3, 1906.



Were wearing the meetings on 31 March 1906. Both replays were played on April 14 and 21, 1906.