2003–04 Scottish Cup

The Scottish FA Cup in 2003 /04 played for 119 times. The most important Scottish football cup competition, which was officially discharged as Tennent's Scottish Cup and chaired by the Scottish Football Association, began on 22 November 2003 and ended with the final on 22 May 2004 at Glasgow's Hampden Park. Defending champions were the Rangers, who were able to put through in the previous final against Dundee FC and won their 31 titles. With a 3-1 final win against Dunfermline Athletic Celtic could make the double of league and cup perfectly in season 2003/ 04. With the success of Celtic was for a total of 32 times to win the title and as the only Scottish record cup winners stand in front again. Dunfermline conceded, however, so their second defeat in the fourth finals, previously 1964/65 against Celtic; in the final 2006/ 07, it should also be a defeat in the final against Celtic. The losing finalist Dunfermline Athletic was due to the Champions League eligible to participate Glasgow for the next UEFA Cup 2004/05 season, and retired there in the second qualifying round against the Icelandic club FH Hafnarfjörður from.

First round

Were wearing the meetings on 22 November 2003. Replays took place on 29 November 2003.


2nd round

Were wearing the meetings on 20 and 27 December 2003. The replay took place on 27 December 2003.


Round 3

Be wearing the meetings on 10 January 2004. The replay took place on 21 January 2004.


Second round

Were wearing the meetings on 7 and 8 February 2004., The match between FC Clyde and Dunfermline Athletic was canceled when the score was 1:2 in 57 minutes due to heavy snowfall and repeated on February 24, on 7 February.


Were wearing the meetings on March 6th and 7th 2004. The replay took place on 18 March 2004.



Were wearing the meetings on 10 and 11 April 2004. The replay took place on 20 April 2004. The two semi-final matches were each played at Hampden Park. The replay at Pittodrie Stadium in Aberdeen.