1964–65 FDGB-Pokal

For the 14th time the fdgb Football Cup Competition was held in the season 1964/65.

At the first round on August 2, 1964, the 32 teams in the second-rate DDR League were represented from the season 1963/64, and 28 finalists of the District Cup competitions. Neustrelitz up and forward Neubrandenburg were both DDR - division and District Cup finalists. The 14 teams from the league, the highest DDR - class football, attacked in the second main round on November 1, 1964 in the Contest. Motor Steinach, Dynamo Dresden and Dynamo Berlin left here already. In the next round no more district representatives was there already, except for chemistry hall also eliminated the remaining East German division forward Cottbus, forward Neubrandenburg and motor all from Dessau. Dessau enforced in the league match against chemical hall a replay that but then lost 3-0.

During last year's Cup finalists SC Leipzig in the quarter- finals of the SC Motor Jena defeated, the Cup defender build Magdeburg reached the finals again. Two quarter-finals were decided after extra time. DDR - league team chemistry hall rang the league team of Motor Zwickau in the quarterfinals a replay from and surprisingly won in Zwickau 2-0. Only in the semi-finals of Halle altitude flight was terminated by Motor Jena.

Second round

(12 December 1964)


(31 March 1965)


(2 May 1965)



Game History

In the 14th cup final, the Cup defender and current seventh in 1 FC Magdeburg and the current second-placed FC Carl Zeiss Jena stood against. Due to the championship course, the experts saw the Jena as favorites. This forecast is refuted on both sides from the beginning. While the Magdeburg immediately took the initiative and a true assault unleashed, it was not possible the Thuringians to enforce their usual passing game. Visibly impressed by the Magdeburg offensive, Jena withdrew far, seemed nervous and hesitating, bad passes accumulated. On the other hand Magdeburg had chances aplenty, Kling Biel and especially the lively Walter brought Jenas defense time after time in high distress. But everything was too hasty, even in the Magdeburg rows ruled nervousness before. Once until the stroke of half- no goal had fallen, tore at the beginning of the second half of the Cup defender the game back in again. Every minute horse mackerel had the best chances but a goal did not fall. Then in the 65th, the completely surprising Gate of Jena: Long played from Zapf and could send a cross into the penalty area Magdeburg. Müller stormed the gap to the left and hit the ball with a direct shot into the far corner. Magdeburg coach Caraway responded immediately, sent his right-back in place of the Wiedemann leached Hirschmann into the storm and fired at his team to continue to do everything to attack. On the other hand, the Jena tried to bring their leadership over time, could be more on the defensive. Ultimately Magdeburg initiative was rewarded, albeit through two controversial goals. 82 minutes in Magdeburg Walter took advantage of a misunderstanding between the Jena defender Stricksner and his goalkeeper Fritzsche and scored the equalizer with a header Most experts saw an offside position here. In the final minute of the Jena Marx failed a defensive action in the penalty area, instead of the ball he hit the knee of Magdeburg striker mackerel. The penalty turned Hirschmann with a low shot. The Jena complained in vain, Marx had played the ball. While the Magdeburg celebrated its finally surprising victory and successful title defense, Jena quarreled with the referee and his own unsatisfactory performance. The DFV Vice-President Günter Schneider summed up: " I ​​am disappointed by this game. The Jena can be much more. Magdeburg you have to pay respect for the morale. All in all it was but unfortunately no advertising for football. " ( German Sports Echo May 10, 1965 )