1977–78 FDGB-Pokal

The 27th competition for the fdgb Football Cup was played in the season 1977/78.

After an elimination round with four DDR -division club, the first main round were 55 teams from the second-rate DDR league and the league over the two relegated from each of the 1976/77 season and the 18 District Cup Winners * of the year 1977. Up to and including 2 main round, all games were played in the knockout system, the pairs of eighth -, quarter-and semi-finals were held with return game. Draw encounters were extended ( nV ) and if decided by a penalty shoot (E. ).

After all District Cup winner had been eliminated in an intermediate round up on motor Warnow Werft, reached into the second round of the main DDR Oberliga in the Cup action. With the Halle FC Union Berlin, chemistry Bohlen, Sachsenring Zwickau and bismuth Aue already resigned from five Oberliga. Also motor Warnow Werft had to quit from the competition.

The first year's finalist FC Lok Leipzig already retired from the first knockout round. Out of the seven East German division, which had reached the second round, came only Buna Schkopau, motor Werdau and Stralsund forward to the last eight, but left all of them in the quarter- finals. Last year's Cup winner Dynamo Dresden came again in the final, where he met the four-time Cup winners 1.FC Magdeburg.

Elimination Round

(6 August 1977)

1 Main Round

(13 August 1977)

Second round

(18 September 1977)

2 Main Round

( October 22, 1977 )

Second round

( 26 / November 30, 1977 )


( 14 / December 21, 1977 )


( 11 / March 25, 1978 )



Game History

The 1978 Cup final was in many ways a summit of the East German football. It stood opposite the SG Dynamo Dresden: five-time East German champion, a three-time Cup winner and current leader of the DDR - Oberliga - and 1.FC Magdeburg: three times GDR champion, four-time Cup champion and former league runner-up. In the square were 19 national team ( 10 Dresden, Magdeburg 9). General was Dynamo Dresden, the reigning champion and championship leader, as a favorite. The Magdeburg had hurt after a long series until the endgame again the full strength together. Then the surprise: Not the highly traded Dresdner certain the game, Magdeburg dictated over 90 minutes the game. Not only that they in the 8th minute early lead went after a header from their libero Manfred Zapf, they also sparked a storm running in the direction of Dresdner Tor, appeared during the game 23 times dangerous on or in the penalty box on. In contrast, Dresden had only in the 74th minute through the axis of its first real scoring opportunity. While the Dresdner playmaker Dörner and Häfner did not get the game of their team in the handle and her teammates lost most battles, the FCM showed a straight line, resourceful and quick. Ex - national player Otto Fräßdorf ruled as a neutral observer before the 2nd half that Magdeburg would be the clear winner from the field. After the break, reinforced Dynamo although his efforts to turn the game around, but the storm 's weakness was offset by a compact Magdeburg defense, out of which Raugust, Seguin and Decker repeatedly ushered dangerous counter- moves. Since the only shortcoming on the part of Magdeburg a blatant chance conversion was observed, it was finally in a narrow victory. Gamemaster Prokop commented concludes: " A good finale. Not a malicious revenge foul. Also from the musical level, this meeting was a worthy final. There were many exciting scenes goal area. An attractive advertisement for good football. " ( People's Voice Magdeburg, May 2, 1978)

The first FC Magdeburg had won his victory for the fifth time fdgb Cup. This trophy was finally over in his possession.

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