1978 Major League Baseball Draft

The MLB Draft 1978 Draft was the 14th, which was organized by Major League Baseball. In the first place Bob Horner was selected by the Atlanta Braves.


Already in 1978, immediately after the Draft, managed four players make the leap from the amateur to the Major League Baseball. These included third baseman Bob Horner of Arizona State University, who was selected in the first place by the Atlanta Braves, the pitcher Tim Conroy and Mike Morgan of the Oakland Athletics and Brian Milner of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Other future MLB players who were selected by the Atlanta Braves in addition to Horner, were Matt Sinatro in the second round, Steve Bedrosian in the third round, Rick Behenna in the fourth round, Jose Alvarez in the eighth round and Gerald Perry in the eleventh round.

Notable players in the June draft also Lloyd Moseby and Dave Stieb of the Toronto Blue Jays were, Mike Marshall and Steve Sax of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cal Ripken, Jr. and Mike Boddicker of the Baltimore Orioles, Kirk Gibson of the Detroit Tigers, Kent Hrbek of the Minnesota Twins and Hubie Brooks of the New York Mets.


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Other notable players

  • Cal Ripken Jr., second round (Baltimore Orioles )
  • Rob Deer, 4th Round ( San Francisco Giants )
  • Dave Stieb, 5th round ( Toronto Blue Jays )
  • Tim Wallach, 8th round (California Angels )
  • Steve Sax, 9th round (Los Angeles Dodgers )
  • Mark Langston, 15th round (Chicago Cubs )
  • Kent Hrbek, 17th round (Minnesota Twins )
  • Ryne Sandberg, 20th round ( Philadelphia Phillies )
  • Howard Johnson, 21 Round (New York Yankees)
  • Rick Leach, 24th round (Philadelphia Phillies )