1967 Major League Baseball Draft

The MLB Draft 1967 was the third draft, which was organized by Major League Baseball. In the first place, Ron Blomberg was selected by the New York Yankees.


In June -draft some players were selected, a successful MLB career started later. These included, among others, Bobby Grich and Don Baylor of the Baltimore Orioles, Vida Blue of the Kansas City Athletics, Dusty Baker of the Atlanta Braves, Ken Singleton and Jon Matlack of the New York Mets and Ted Simmons and Jerry Reuss of the St. Louis Cardinals. The most successful player who was selected in January -Draft is Carlton Fisk of the Boston Red Sox in the MLB was 24 years active and was admitted in 2000 into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Just as the New York Yankees with Ken Stabler chose a later successful football player last year, so did their city rivals New York Mets this year with Dan Pastorini, they chose in the 32th round. Pastorini won, among others, the 1981 Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders.


* Has not signed a contract

Other notable players

  • Dan Pastorini, 32 round, a total of 599 players