2008–09 Montenegrin First League

The 2008/09 season was the third of the Prva Crnogorska League, the highest Montenegrin Football League. FK FK Mladost Podgorica and Kotor Bokelj had to dismount after the preseason, FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje and Plav FK Jezero got out of the Druga Crnogorska league.

The season began on 9 August 2008 and ended on 30 May 2009.

FK Mogren Budva master of, the OFK Petrovac has won the Montenegrin Cup.


  • FK Zeta Golubovci were deducted ten points.
  • The game FK Zeta Golubovci - FK Sutjeska Nikšić ( 29 Matchday) was seen with 0:3.

Relegation games against relegation in the Druga Liga Crnogorska

The teams who are at the end of the season on the 10th and 11th place, play a qualification game against the 2nd and 3rd of Druga Crnogorska league.

FK Decic Tuzi and FK Mornar Bar play 2009/10 in the Prva Crnogorska league.