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Heads of State

Year of the Metal Tiger庚寅(at the beginning of Earth Buffalo己丑)

Syria: 581/582 ( year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

Roman Empire

  • Reich crisis of the 3rd century: January: Only a few months after his major victory over the Goths, in which he had preserved the Roman Empire from invasion by the 300,000 -strong horde ill Emperor Claudius Gothicus during a campaign against the Vandals of the plague. He died in the same month. On his deathbed, he calls allegedly the commander of the cavalry of Aurelian as his successor. However, the Roman Senate appoints Claudius ' brother Quintillus. Aurelian Appoints itsself to rival emperor.
  • April: Kaiser Quintillus who has holed up in Aquileia, it is possible to beat the imperial troops under Aurelian. Quintillus dies in Aquileia in unexplained circumstances. Aurelian can then be confirmed by the Roman Senate as emperor. Later he determined Claudius ' death on the first day of his reign, and thus provides Quintillus as Gegenkaiser dar.
  • The Romans give because of continued attacks by Germanic tribes, the city Traiectum, now Utrecht on. Written records of the city appear again until by 500
  • After seven months of siege by the emperor of the Gallic Empire, the renegade city Augustodunum Haeduorum ( Autun ) was stormed, looted and partially destroyed. Emperor Victorinus returns to his residence city of Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium in triumph.

East Asia

  • The Three Kingdoms Period: Tufa Shujineng, ruler of the proto- Mongol tribe of the Xianbei began in the Qin province a rebellion against the rule of the Jin Dynasty. Several victories of the nomadic people of the Chinese troops prevent Emperor Jin Wudi may as planned to attack the rival Wu- China.
  • According to traditional Japanese lore ojin is crowned at the age of 70 years to the emperor. Its existence is controversial among historians; its traditional life data ( * 200, † 310 ) is false with high probability.
  • Hormizd I. succeeds his father Shapur I. on the throne as Shah of Sassanidenreichs ( possibly only 272).

Culture and Religion

  • In Rome, the first public bakeries opened.
  • The Roman Senate Decides to include Claudius Gothicus in the pantheon.


  • 270: Maximinus Daia, Roman emperor († 313)
  • 270: St. Nicholas of Myra, Bishop of Myra († 350 )
  • 270: St. Spyridon, Bishop of Cyprus († 350)


  • Claudius Gothicus, Roman emperor (c. 214)
  • Jungcheon, king of Goguryeo (* 224)
  • Plotinus, the Greek philosopher who is considered the founder of Neoplatonism (* 205)
  • Quintillus, Roman emperor
  • Shapur I, King of Sassadienreichs ( possibly only 272)
  • 270: St. Abachum, Persian physician and Christian martyr