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Heads of State

Year of the Water Pig癸亥( at the beginning of the year Water Dog壬戌)

Diocletian era 79 /80 ( the year of November)

Syria: 674/675 ( year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

Europe / Asia

  • April 6: The Roman emperor Julian falls with his legions in the greatest military operation of the entire Late Antiquity in the Persian empire, and reached by a rapid rise, the Sassanid capital of Ctesiphon.
  • June 22: In the wake of the siege attempt of the Sassanid city of Ctesiphon by Roman troops it comes to the battle of Maranga between the Roman Empire and the Sassanid Empire under Shapur II, which ends on both sides with large losses without decision.
  • JUNE 26: One last attempt to revive the pagan cults through the connection with Neoplatonic thought again fails with the death of Emperor Julian who falls II during which he initiated the campaign against the Sassanids under Shapur. On the same day, a college agrees from the officers Nevitta, Arintheus, Victor and Dagalaifus it to proclaim the Christian Flavius ​​Jovianus the new emperor after the reigning praetorian prefect Saturninus Secundus Salutius rejected for reasons of age. The Persians take advantage of the situation and intensify the attacks on the Roman legions retreating.
  • In a peace treaty with the Sassanid Jovian leaves them five provinces and among others, the important city of Nisibis. The contract is still decades later considered by many Romans as a disgrace peace, but he saves the Roman army from destruction. The hitherto constantly embattled border between the two empires is pacified for the next 230 years.

Imperial China

  • The first edition of a newspaper in Beijing appears.


The School of Nisibis was moved to Edessa, where it remains until 489.


  • Famine in Antioch 362-363


  • Varronian, son of the Roman Emperor Jovian


  • JUNE 26: Julian, Roman Emperor 361-363 (* 331)