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  • Angles, Saxons, Jutes and who have come to ask Vortigerns to Britain, detach themselves from the suzerainty of the British and establish their own Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.
  • 450: British emigrate as a result of attacks by the Anglo-Saxons from Britain and one in the Brittany named after them.
  • July 28 450: Theodosius II, East Roman emperor since 408 ( * 401), dies after 42 years in government. His successor will Markianos.
  • 451: In the battle of the Catalaunian fields are repulsed the Huns under Attila from the Roman general Aetius and the Visigoths. The Visigoth king Theodoric I. falls, his successor will Thorismund. Attila leads the following year a huge army to Italy; many cities are destroyed or conquered. While Attila is dissuaded by Pope Leo without striking a blow them to attack Rome, but it is believed today that he large flows of refugees brought with him walkover in motion. According to tradition, the founding of Venice is due to the Huns storm.
  • October 8 to November 1 451: Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon. The Monophysite decisions of the ' Robber Synod " of 449 to be invalidated. The Nicene Creed is confirmed.
  • 453: The Huns empire begins to disintegrate after the death of Attila. The remnants of the Huns taking place in the steppes north of the Black Sea back to where Attila's sons build their own dominions.
  • 454: In the Battle of Nedao succeeds the Gepids under Ardaric and their allied nations to expel the remnants of the Huns under Attila's son Ellac and his brothers finally from Hungary.
  • May 31 455: the just emperor Petronius Maximus proclaimed is killed by the crowd in Rome. The Führerlosigkeit the West Romans and the chaos in the city use the vandals to attack and for two weeks sack of Rome.
  • 459: The later Ostrogothic king Theodoric the Great comes as a hostage to the court of Emperor Leo I in Constantinople Opel.