A.C.D. Treviso 2013

The Treviso Football Club is an Italian football club from Treviso. Due to fortunate circumstances Treviso was the season 2005 /06 for the first time in Italy's top league, Serie A compete.


The club has existed since January 18, 1909, but was proven in 1896 in Treviso played football. The club's foundation dates back to the German Manfred Herion, who, a resident of the area, in previous years, promoted the local football.

In the early years the club colors were still black and white, in today's club colors sky blue and white, first ran on the local rivals Tarvisium. Only since a club re-formation in 1913 to play in the bright jerseys. Until then, the football was limited in Treviso on regional games; Opponents were in that time, the arch rival Venice or Padova Calcio AC - until 1915, the Trevisianer played for the Regional Championship in the Veneto.

The postwar period is characterized for the association of initial success. The first game against an international opponent takes 1922 against Meteor Vienna. Three years later, Treviso played in the highest Veneti Championship, but soon loses the supremacy of the AC Torino. The restructuring of the league in the late 1920s led to Treviso played in the coming years in the C series. For the season 1938/39, the first rise in the series as followed by the resumption of the game service after World War II Treviso started playing in a mixed league between series B and C clubs. Through the league reform of 1948 had caused Treviso but again in the C series descend. In the 1950s, the promotion back to Serie B was sought, who soon succeeded under the leadership of Nereo Rocco. This remained for three years at the club and later reached with AC Milan great success. The success of Treviso in Serie B, however, remained modest, repeat fought against relegation, the 1955 reality. A year later, even followed by a "slip" in the fourth league. After the re-emergence the following season and initial problems Treviso was a fixed constant in the C series and stayed there the entire 1970s over. 1971 again follows the descent into the fourth division, which is now called Series D. Three years later, the re-emergence followed in the professional league.

In the 1980s, Treviso was still very successful and also struggled with financial problems. The owner of the club changed hands several times before and the economically desperate situation you had to capitulate and sporty. Descents in the C2 and Series D Series followed. On 6 February 1993, the foundation of the Treviso FBC 1993 and the liquidation of the predecessor association took place. Two years later, in 1995 experienced the resurgence in the C2 series. Was enthusiastically of the walkover in the Serie C1 in 1996, when C2 - Master, together with the local rival U.S. Triestina. Carried by the wave of success of the promotion to the Serie B, in fact, in the following season. After 42 years of abstinence Treviso came back in 1997 to Serie B back and was able to establish good there and took the end of the season in eighth place. By return also followed again duels with old rivals AC Venice, Padova Calcio and Hellas Verona.

In the B series is constant plays well and established himself in midfield, without being able to permanently set the tone. For the 2000/01 season was again followed the relegation to the third tier, which again was not permanent, however. Back to the 2003/04 season in Serie B, you spend the following season in the lower middle. In the following season Treviso took the excellent fifth place and took with it the rise of series A Playoff part. However, the opponent proved too strong and Treviso seemed thus to remain first in Serie B. Unexpectedly offered for Treviso but still a chance to ascend. League decisions enabled the club in August 2005 definitely nachzurücken as intermediates. The winners of series B, Genoa was because of match-fixing (see the article on Genoa ) denied the rise. Because of financial problems and the Torino FC and AC Perugia were the Serie A denied license. The joy in Treviso, first ascend together with Ascoli Calcio in the highest Italian league was great.

In the years 2001 and 2002, the followers of FBC Treviso have made racist behavior for negative headlines. In 2001, she had in a game their team at Ternana Calcio to substitute for Treviso Nigerians Omolade abused, among others Affengrunzen and a banner on the was to be read ( in Italian) "We do not want the Negro! " - At that time the team had in fact following game against Genoa 93 a counterpoint against their own Tifosi set by all players in solidarity with aufliefen Omolade with blackened faces. 2002 left the Treviso fans at an away game in Lummezane demonstratively her block, when substitute Brazilian Reginaldo Ferreira Da Silva aground for their team.

The actual stadium of Treviso, Stadio Omobono Tenni, summary only 9,400 seats and therefore initially was not considered suitable for the Serie A. For this reason, all home games in Padua discharged ( Stadio Euganeo, 32,300 seats) should be in the 2005/06 season. This was early in the season and handled in such a way where interested fans were taken by shuttle from Treviso to Padova. In the meantime, however, the FBC Treviso received by the Lega Calcio permission to play in their own stadium and bares its home games at the Stadio Omobono Tenni back from that is far from the historic city walls of Treviso to find northeast of the city center.

Treviso finished at the end of the 2005/06 season the last place and thus increased again to Serie B from. After the club had spent the next three years in Serie B, followed by the sporty descent into third- highest division of the economic collapse. This had the exclusion of all professional leagues result, after which the club took in the sechstklassigen Excellenza Veneto for 2009/10 season under the name of Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Treviso 2009. Although Treviso end of the season just finished a secure mid-table in the final table of the Club by the Association Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio was classified in fifth rate Series D. In the following two seasons the now managed under the name Football Club Treviso active club on sporting way two climbs in a row and the promotion to the third-rate Lega Pro Prima Divisione.

In the 2012/13 season, however, the immediate re relegation followed in the Lega Pro Seconda Divisione fourth-rate. However, the FC Treviso did not meet the economic criteria in particular, to compete in the lowest professional league. This resulted in a renewed exclusion of the Italian association of all professional leagues result. Ultimately, it succeeded the club for the 2013/14 season to participate in the siebtklassigen Promozione Veneto secure.

Former Players

  • Italy Poland Robert Acquafresca, 2005/06-2006/07, Striker, 43 games - 11 goals
  • Brazil Paulo Vitor Barreto de Souza, 2003 - 2005 and 2007/ 08, Striker, 64 games - 26 goals
  • Belgium Baseggio, 2006, Midfielder, 22 games - 1 goal
  • Italy Massimo Carrera
  • Italy Andrea Dossena
  • Italy Claudio Foscarini
  • Italy Massimo Gobbi 1999/00-2000/01 and 2003/ 04, Midfielder, 51 games - 5 goals
  • Italy Lorenzo Minotti
  • Brazil Reginaldo Ferreira Da Silva 2001/02-2005/06, Striker, 104 games - 20 goals
  • Brazil Italy Inácio Piá
  • Italy Andrea Poli, Midfielder, 4 games
  • Tommaso Rocchi Italy 2000/ 01, Striker, 37 games - 8 goals
  • Attilio Tesser Italy
  • Italy Luca Toni 1999-2000, Striker, 35 games - 15 goals
  • Italy Luigi Turci

Former coach


A- Team:

  • Supercoppa Series C: 1 (2002/ 03)