Attilio Tesser

Attilio Tesser ( born June 10, 1958 in Montebelluna ) is a retired Italian footballer and current coach.

As Active he played for the teams, Napoli, Udinese Calcio and Catania. Coach Tesser was previously, for example, at Udinese and the SSC Venice, where he served respectively as a youth coach, and at Novara Calcio and U.S. Triestina. He is currently the coach of Ternana Calcio.

Playing career

Attilio Tesser, born on 10 June 1958 in Montebelluna, a northern Italian city in Veneto, began playing football at the local club Calcio Montebelluna, but never made it in the professional sector of Italian football. After two years in the first team his home club Tesser joined the FBC Treviso, then in the third Italian Football League play, where he made from 1976 to 1978 63 league games in the series C, scoring six goals. In the summer of 1978, Tesser, who acted in the position of a defender, Napoli joined, but where he could not fully assert themselves and in two years came to 37 games in Serie A. For Napoli jumped in the two years in which Attilio Tesser was in Campania, a midfielder rank out.

After two years in Naples Attilio Tesser went again in 1980 in the north of Italy and signed a contract with the first division club Udinese Calcio, where he played until 1985. In Udine Tesser developed for stem force and brought it to a total of one hundred league games in which he scored six Torerfolge. Most placements have been achieved in the middle of the series A; the greatest success was achieved Tesser at Udinese in the 1982/83 season, when they finished sixth at the end of and participation in the UEFA Cup only just missed.

After a hundred games for Udinese Attilio Tesser left the Friuli 1985 again and moved to AC Perugia, a now only second-rate gambling former Italian runner-up. With Perugia Tesser occupied the third from bottom in Serie B 1985/86 and would have sporty relegated to the Serie C1. Due to the participation of Perugia on the second Toto Nero scandal, tampering affair of Italian football in 1985, Perugia was relegated even in the fourth-rate Serie C2. Tesser Then moved to Sicily to Catania Calcio, which was playing in Serie B. Again, Tesser was not successful and had to Catania after the 1986/87 season begin the transition to the third division. In the Serie C1, he spent his other years in the jersey of Catania, before 1989, Trento Calcio 1921 moved to play there until 1991 unterklassigen football. 1991 ended Attilio Tesser his active career as a football player at the age of 33 years.

Coaching career

After the end of his career as an active football player Attilio Tesser was coach. First, he was responsible for the sporting success at the club unterklassigen Sevegliano 1992-1994. 1994 Tesser youth coach of his old club Udinese Calcio. This post he held until 1996, before he from then on until 2001, also as a youth coach at the SSC Venice was active in the late nineties gained some short-term success, though, with the first promotion to Serie A for about forty years, mostly in the adult area.

Attilio Tesser 2001 coach of FC Südtirol. He reached the goals set by President Leopold Goller goal of the playoffs for promotion to the Serie C1, failed with his team there, but at Brescello Calcio. After the season, numerous performers left the club. Nevertheless, it was Tessers team move again in the playoffs, but was defeated in the final Novara Calcio. After the end of the season 2002/ 03, the Treaty of Attilio Tesser was not renewed in Bolzano, and he signed for the season 2003/ 04 in Serie B in the U.S. Triestina. The Serie B 2003/ 04 ended Trieste in tenth place in the table; However, the following season was less successful, and the relegation to the third tier was only narrowly avoided.

Before the season 2005/ 06 Attilio Tesser was introduced as the new coach of the first division club Cagliari Calcio. Already after the first game that was lost against AC Siena, despite good performance with 1:2, president Massimo Cellino released him from his duties as first-team coach and replaced him with Daniele Arrigoni, in turn, it only lost one match his post. Overall coached in the 2005/06 season four different coaches the team of Cagliari Calcio.

On 20 May 2006, announced that Attilio Tesser / 07 should be the successor of Marco Giampaolo as manager of Ascoli Calcio 2006 season. But even in Ascoli Piceno Tesser worked not long; after the eleventh round of the Serie A 2006/ 07 he was dismissed and replaced by Nedo Sonetti, of the association, however, could not save them from relegation to Serie B due to lack of success. Tesser had with the markischen football club in the eleven games of the season, where he stood on the sidelines, no one won, played four times a draw and lost seven times.

In summer 2007, Attilio Tesser signed a contract with the second division club AC Mantova with the goal of leading the club to Serie A. After initially good results followed in the winter of 2007 /08, however, a low of poorer outcomes, as a result Attilio Tesser on 24 February 2008 after a defeat against AS Bari lost his coaching job. After almost a year without a job Tesser returned in January 2009 back on the coach chair and coached for a little more than a month as the successor of Carlo Sabatini 's team Calcio Padova. Sabatini returned in February and took over as coach again.

On 11 June 2009, the club's management of the Piedmontese traditional club Novara Calcio Attilio Tesser ago as a new trainer. He achieved his goal of leading the former first division team back to Serie B, immediately. Tesser occupied with Novara in the Lega Pro Prima Divisione 2009/10, the first place in the Girona A, five points ahead of AS Varese 1910, with Novara presented by far the best defense in the league. Novara experienced for the first time since 1977, again second division football. In the B series, could the association, which was to be found up in the fifties in many years in Serie A, immediately establish and achieved good results. After a long time a direct promotion spot had been occupied, Novara ranked at the end of the Serie B 2010/11 on the third place in the table, which entitled to participate in the play-offs for promotion. There was achieved by two draws against Reggina Calcio due to the control that draw on the rise in the playoffs in the table better placed team progresses, the final and met Calcio Padova. After a 0-0 draw in Padua and a 2-0 win in the Stadio Silvio Piola Novara Calcio and failed to walkover from the Lega Pro Prima Divisione in the series A. There was Novara Calcio in the season ahead as the first candidate for relegation and played because even start of the season against relegation. A major coup was the club when one of the reigning Cup holders Inter Milan defeated 3-1 on Matchday what the coach Gian Piero Gasperini cost the job. The further course of the season had little to offer for Attilio Tesser rants and Novara Calcio. After a 0-2 defeat at Palermo and slipping on the last place, the club management separated on January 30, 2012 by Tesser. As the successor Emiliano Mondo Nico was committed. Two months later, Mondo Nico was released, and Tesser was again coach of Novara Calcio. However, Tessers return to the dugout of Novara could not prevent the re- direct descent of the Piedmontese Association. Also the start of the second division season 2012/13 failed, and Tesser had to resign his office in the autumn of 2012.

After over a year without employment of fallen into the relegation battle Zweitligist Ternana Calcio Tesser undertook the end of December 2013 as the successor to the dismissed Domenico Toscano.


  • Lega Pro Prima Divisione: 1 time (2009 /10)
  • Promotion to Serie A: 1 time (2010 /11)