Ascoli Piceno

Ascoli Piceno is a town with 49 697 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the Marche region. In ancient times it was called Asculum. The present name is on the Iron Age tribe of the Piceno, whose capital was said to be there, or on a mysterious ritual Woodpecker (Italian picchio: Specht) attributed the Sabines, as Strabo and Pliny the Younger.


Ascoli Piceno, capital of the province of Ascoli Piceno, located south of the Marche region of Italy. The place is surrounded by three imposing mountain sticks and is located 30 km inland from the Adriatic coast at an altitude of 153 m slm


The Cathedral " of Saint Emidio " on the " Piazza dell'Arringo ", of the diocese of Ascoli Piceno Cathedral, was originally a Romanesque building, which was rebuilt several times. Right next to the Cathedral, the early Romanesque Baptistery, an octagonal building. Are located on the Piazza and the town hall, the " Palazzo Comunale " (1683-1745), where the city's art museum, including works by Cola dell'Amatrice, Crivelli and Titian; not far from there, the Romanesque church of San Gregorio Magno, where you can still see the remains of a Roman temple (1st century BC).

Going further, one reaches the center of the city, the " Piazza del Popolo ", translated the " People's Square ", what it is for Ascoli in fact also. Here are the " Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo " from the 13th century and the Gothic hall church " San Francesco " ( 1258-1371 ). On the right side of " San Francesco " cultivated the "Loggia dei Mercanti ", the market hall (1513 ), left the Renaissance cloister, in the morning takes place the market. In the toilets of the Art Nouveau style coffeehouse Caffè Meletti can be found at the ( transparent ) vanities remains of walls from Roman times.

The Caffè was also filming location for the films Dangerous Nights, Alfredo, Alfredo and The Great Blek.

Additional points of interest: the Roman bridge Ponte di Cecco di Ponte Romano Solestà, the latter with stunning views over the old town and river; the Romanesque church of Santi Vincenzo ed Anastasio (11th century) with 64 square fields on the facade, the San Pietro Martire church and built from 1840 to 1846 Teatro Ventidio Basso.


The Oliva Tenera Ascolana is famous for its size and flavor and already appreciated by the Romans. The "Olive all'ascolana " ( olives after Ascoli type ) are stuffed with meat, breaded and fried olives of the type " Ascolana Tenera ".

The Quintana

The horse show of Ascoli, the " Giostra della Quintana ", dates back to the Middle Ages ( first mentioned in the city statutes of 1377 ). It takes place annually on the first Sunday in August.

Similarly, the Landshut Wedding it follows a fixed ritual, present in large parts of the population in historically accurate medieval robes, about 1500 alone take part in the parades in the morning. The actual competition on horseback, the Quintana, this is a jump-off with the lance. The representatives of the six neighborhoods gallop along a course in the shape of a figure eight, at its center is the large figure of a Saracen. Who rides the fastest and best meets the Sarazzen who wins. This ritual is reminiscent of the Saracens, who unsuccessfully tried several times in the Middle Ages to conquer Italy. On the evening in all districts colorful festivals.

The Surroundings

Two kilometers south of the city stands a small Roman bridge over the Gran Caso.

Twin Cities

With Massy in France is twinned since 1997, which was signed by Mayor Roberto Allevi for Ascoli Piceno and the Mayor Vincent Delahaye Massy. There is also with Trier in Germany since August 31, 1958, a town twinning.

Sons and daughters of the community

  • Sextus Julius Caesar (consul 91 BC) ( * before 130 BC; † 90 or 89 BC), politician of the late Roman Republic, and probably the uncle of Gaius Julius Caesar
  • Nicholas IV (1227-1292), from 1288 until his death Pope
  • Giacinto Cornacchioli (1599-1673), composer, singer and organist
  • Filippo de Angelis (1792-1877), bishop and cardinal
  • Giuseppe Piccioni ( born 1953 ), film director and screenwriter
  • Massimiliano Narducci (born 1964 ), former Italian tennis player
  • Simone Vagnozzi ( b. 1983 ), tennis player
  • Luca Ceci (* 1988), cyclist
  • Francesco Ceci (* 1989), cyclist
  • Mattia Destro (* 1991), football player

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