Andenne is a city in the province of Namur in the Walloon region of Belgium. It lies on the Meuse between Namur and Liege in the west to the east.

The Andenne station is frequented daily by about 130 trains. There are, among other connections to Lille ( via Namur and Charleroi), Brussels ( via Namur ) and Liers (via Liège ).

The city Andenne consists of the ten districts Andenne, Bonneville, Coutisse, Landenne, Maizeret, Namêche, Sclayn, Seilles, Thon and coupon.


When Samson in the district of Thon ( about 7 km to the west of the district Andenne ) there was a late Roman Höhenbesfestigung. To the east, a burial ground dating from the late fourth was exposed to mid- 6th century. Numerous graves contained weapons. The town was built around the Andenne of Begga, the daughter of Pepin the Elder 690/691, founded the abbey.


Parish council

The municipal council ( Conseil Communal ) Andennes has 27 members, out of him the Collège with the mayor and six aldermen ( Echevins ) is formed.


Andenne has three cities formed a partnership in 1956 with Chauny in Picardy (France), 1990 in Bergheim, North Rhine- Westphalia ( Germany ) and 2005 with Mottafollone in Calabria (Italy). Already since 1975 Andenne with Bergheim and Chauny by the group " ABC International connected ", e.g. Citizens meeting on the Carnival Andennes, the Spring Festival of Chauny and the Carnival in Bergheim and a student exchange organized. The corollary with tradition is the ABC - sports festival that takes place in one of the three partner cities in alternate years.


  • The Collegiate Church of St. Begga was built in 1764-1778 by architect Laurent- Benoît Dewez. The building material came from the demolition of seven churches that were canceled due to disrepair in the 18th century.
  • The ceramic museum of the city shows ceramic works from the Gallo -Roman period to the present.


Andenne, Collegiate Church of St. Begga

Namêche, Notre-Dame

Vezin, Water Tower

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Christian Kellens ( born 1925 ), Belgian jazz musician
  • Fats Sadi (1927-2009), Belgian jazz musician, singer and composer
  • Edouard Aidans ( born 1930 ), cartoonist and author