BC Ferries

BC Ferries ( British Columbia Ferry Services advertised Inc.) is the main operator of the ferry on the west coast of British Columbia. Since its founding in 1960, the company developed into the largest passenger ferry line in North America and the second largest in the world. With the 35 ferries a total of 47 terminals of the countless islands and resorts along the coast are under way. This BC Ferries transported in fiscal year 2012-2013 nearly 20 million passengers and nearly 8 million vehicles. Compared to the previous year, these figures have remained relatively constant.

  • 3.1 Former ships


In the late 1950s, a strike by workers of transport companies Black Ball Line and Canadian Pacific Railway led to the nationalized the government of British Columbia under WAC Bennett the ferry service. To carry out BC Ferries was established as a Crown corporation.

The first route of B.C. Ferries was approved in 1960 and led by the situated on the mainland Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay, near Sidney. Over the years, were added other compounds which have been mostly taken over by the Black Ball Line. Due to the strong demand in the early 60s BC Ferries was forced to build new ferries or remodel existing ships. Through the acquisition of part of the fleet of the Department of Transportation, the number of vehicles rose sharply.

2003, the government announced British Columbia, that in the meantime heavily indebted BC Ferries should be transformed into a private company. The so-called BC Ferry Authority oversees the operations of the newly organized company, but which due to the composition of the board position by politicians still subject to strong political influence.

In fiscal year 2011-12, which ends on March 31, a loss of CAD 16.5 million was retracted.


BC Ferries currently operates 25 routes listed below, which are the three most important:

  • Southern Strait of Georgia Route ( also as a continuation of Highway 17 known): Swartz Bay Tsawwassen ↔
  • Mean Strait of Georgia Route ( also as a continuation of Highway 1 known): Nanaimo (via Departure Bay ) ↔ Horseshoe Bay
  • Mid- Iceland Express Route: Nanaimo (via Duke Point ) ↔ Tsawwassen

Routes - Route

When the numbers of the routes are those which are used by BC Ferries.

  • Route 1 - Georgia Strait - South (Highway 17): Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen
  • Route 2 - Georgia Strait - Central ( Highway 1): Nanaimo (via Departure Bay ) to Horseshoe Bay
  • Route 3 - Howe Sound: Langdale to Horseshoe Bay
  • Route 4 - Satellite Channel: Swartz Bay to Saltspring Iceland
  • Route 5 - Swanson Channel: Swartz Bay to ' Outer Gulf Islands -Group' ( Iceland Galiano, Mayne Iceland, Iceland Pender, Saturna and Iceland )
  • Route 6 - South Stuart Channel: Crofton to Salt Spring Iceland
  • Route 7 - Jervis Inlet (Highway 101): Earls Cove to Saltery Bay
  • Route 8 - Queen Charlotte Channel: Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Iceland (via Snug Cove )
  • Route 9 - Active Pass Shuttle: Tsawwassen to Salt Spring Iceland and ' Outer Gulf Islands -Group'
  • Route 10 - Inside Passage: Port Hardy (via Bear Cove Ferry Terminal) to Prince Rupert
  • Route 11 - Hecate Strait (Highway 16): Prince Rupert to Haida Gwaii (via Skidegate )
  • Route 12 - Saanich Inlet Brentwood Bay to Mill Bay
  • Route 13 - Thornbrough Channel: Langdale to Gambier Bay and Keats Iceland Iceland (only passengers)
  • Route 17 - Georgia Strait North: Powell River (via Westview ) to Comox (via Little River )
  • Route 18 - Malaspina Strait: Powell River to Texada Iceland (via Blubber Bay)
  • Route 19 - Northumberland Channel: Nanaimo to Gabriola Iceland (via Descanso Bay)
  • Route 20 - North Stuart Channel: Chemainus by Thetis and Kuper Iceland Iceland
  • Route 21 - Baynes Sound: Buckley Bay to Denman Iceland (via Metcalf Bay)
  • Route 22 - Lambert Channel: Denman Iceland (via Gravelly Bay) to Hornby Iceland (via Shingle Spit )
  • Route 23 - Discovery Passage: Campbell River to Quadra Iceland (via Quathiaski Cove )
  • Route 24 - Sutil Channel: Quadra Iceland (via Heriot Bay) to Cortes Iceland (via Whale Town)
  • Route 25 - Broughton Strait: Port McNeill Cormorant by Iceland (via Alert Bay ) and Malcolm Iceland (via Sointula )
  • Route 26 - Skidegate Inlet: Graham Iceland (via Skidegate ) to Moresby Iceland (via Alliford Bay)
  • Route 30 - Mid- Iceland Express: Nanaimo (via Duke Point) to Tsawwassen
  • Route 40 - Discovery Coast: Port Hardy (via Bear Cove Ferry Terminal) to Bella Coola ( with stops in Bella Bella, Shearwater, Ocean Falls and Klemtu )

Routes - Maps

The numbers in the blue circles correspond to the numbers of BCFerries route.

Zone 2 - Central Georgia Strait

Zone 3 - Northern Georgia Strait

Zone 4 - Queen Charlotte Sound

Zone 5 - North Coast


BC Ferries currently operates one of the largest ferry fleet in the world. There are 35 ferries (as of Feb 2013) operated with a total carrying capacity of 27,000 people. They range from small ferries with a capacity of 16 vehicles up to " Super ferries " which can carry 470 vehicles. All ferries are ro-ro vessels.

Most ferries are assigned to a group based on a similar design. The ferries can following "classes" are assigned:

  • 2 × Spirit - class ferries - known as " Super Ferries ", the largest ferries in the fleet Spirit of British Columbia
  • Spirit of Vancouver Iceland
  • 3 × Coastal - class ferries Coastal Renaissance
  • Coastal inspiration
  • Coastal Celebration
  • 5 × Cowichan - class ferries Queen of Alberni
  • Queen of Coquitlam
  • Queen of Cowichan
  • Queen of Oak Bay
  • Queen of Surrey
  • 2 × Burnaby - class ferries Queen of Nanaimo
  • Queen of Burnaby
  • 3 × Intermediate class ferries Queen of Capilano
  • Queen of Cumberland
  • Iceland Sky
  • 3 × Powell River class ferry Powell River Queen
  • Bowen Queen
  • Mayne Queen
  • 2 × Q- class ferries Quinitsa
  • Quinsam
  • 2 x T -Class ferries Tenaka
  • Tachek
  • 4x K- class ferries Klitsa
  • Kahloke
  • Kwuna
  • Kuper
  • 2 × N- class ferries - the smallest Ferries fleet Nicola ( Owned by BC Ferries, but not operated by)
  • Nimpkish
  • 7 × unclassified Ferries Northern Expedition
  • Queen of New Westminster
  • Northern Adventure
  • Queen of Chilliwack
  • Howe Sound Queen
  • North Iceland Princess
  • Quadra Queen II

Former ships

Due to the history of the shipping company and then also from a personal history still existed several other ferries. In some cases, these were to classes with several ships, however, often but to individual buildings.

Former classes were:

  • 2x Sidney - class ferries
  • 7x Victoria - class ferries
  • 3x PacifiCat ferries

The ships were eventually either sold (such as the three PacifiCat ferries ) or from them was by rebuilding a new class ( such as ferries from some of the Victoria class which of the Burnaby - tier establishments).


The ships of BC Ferries were regularly Drehtort for movies. Subsequently, the films if known: