Benidorm is a town on the Costa Blanca 45 km northeast of Alicante in the province of Alicante in the Valencian Community, Spain.

Population density

The city has 73 768 (as of 1 January 2013) reported population; the actual population is much higher (more than 100,000? ) because most foreign permanent residents of the city are not officially reported. In the holiday season, the number of residents of Benidorm exceeds the limit of one and a half million.


Early 1950s, Benidorm was a fishing village. The mayor Pedro Zaragoza was from 1950 Road asphalt, equip the village with a water supply system and introduced in 1956 on a development plan. Until 1967, especially high-rise buildings with hotels for mass tourism in Benidorm were built; these characterize the well-known as a holiday destination city.

After a relative stagnation of tourism from the late 1980s, more emphasis was placed on quality offers: the plot sizes per hotel were increased, improved physical conditions and Recreational houses. The city gave way to large-scale construction areas further south and north from the outside and located housing developments with cottages and villas complemented the offer. The city has become competitive again by this still ongoing rejuvenation and qualitative supplement as a tourist destination.


Benidorm has the largest high-rise density (relative to population ) worldwide with 345 buildings with more than twelve floors. By early 2014, the Intempo is to be completed; the tallest residential building in the EU ( 188 meters, 47 floors).


Since Francisco Ronda 1893 first bathing establishment opened ( the Casa de baños the Levante beach ), more than 85 million tourists have visited Benidorm. The largest group of tourists in Benidorm are the visitors from the UK.

In Benidorm there are two every 2.5 km of beaches, the Playa de Poniente and the Playa de Levante and the Playa del Mal Pas between the old town and Playa de Poniente and the Playa de Cala Tío Ximo in Rincon de Loix.

As tourist attractions, the two major theme parks Terra Mitica and mouth Omar apply.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Guillermo Amor, a former Spanish footballer
  • Antonio López, Spanish national football team

Pictures of Benidorm