Blues Brothers 2000

Blues Brothers 2000 is produced in 1998, directed by John Landis sequel to the cult film The Blues Brothers from 1980.


The action continues 18 years after the end of the first movie a: Released from prison, Elwood J. Blues learns of the death of his brother Jake and his father substitute Curtis ( in the previous film, John Belushi and Cab Calloway, who died actually in the meantime ). From his former teacher mother Mary from the orphanage he was hired as a mentor for the ten -year-old Buster, who is under guardianship. Furthermore, he learned that Curtis had an extramarital son, who is quasi therefore his step- brother.

Driven by a desire to reunite the band, the search begins for the old and new band members. Once this has been achieved, there is a test appearance at a folk festival. In the course of an empty fuel tank leads to the crossroads: continue or give up?

Freshly motivated and reinforced by the converted Cab as the fourth " brother " you can successfully prevail against police and Russian criminals; eventually occurs, the newly formed band on the estate of the Voodoo Priestess Queen Moussette to a musical contest.


The film was mostly negative review by critics in the United States because it the film Blues Brothers 1980 was too similar according to their opinion. Although the score was considered successful, but the film could not establish itself. After two weeks, the plant Landis ' in some cinema was canceled.

Other critics accuse the producers of the film, that the work was produced under the lowest possible cost. Thus, the film should have been almost entirely shot in Canada in order to avoid claims of the California Actors Guild.

To make the film according to U.S. standards, " family- friendly" is (except in the Russian club house ) still cursed ( " slip of the tongue " of Elwood in the presence of Mother Mary are immediately prevented from it by corporal punishment ) smoked in the plot neither. In the first film is both, according to the characters, done plenty.


Bands and musicians

The Blues Brothers Band

  • Dan Aykroyd as Elwood Blues - harmonica and vocals
  • John Goodman as Mighty Mack McTeer - Vocals
  • J. Evan Bonifant as Buster Blues - Vocals [ and Harmonica see below ]
  • Steve Cropper as Steve "the Colonel " Cropper - rhythm guitar and backing vocal
  • Willie Hall as Willie "Too Big" Hall - drums and percussion
  • Tom Malone as Tom "Bones" Malone - trombone, tenor saxophone, and backing vocal
  • Lou Marini as " Blue Lou " Marini - Alt-/Tenorsaxophon and Backing Vocal
  • Matt Murphy as Matt "Guitar" Murphy - lead guitar
  • Alan Rubin as Alan "Mr. Fabulous "Rubin - trumpet, percussion and backing vocal

Guest musicians

The Louisiana Gator Boys

The Louisiana Gator Boys are a blues supergroup that was put together for the film Blues Brothers 2000, to compete in a musical competition against the Blues Brothers. They consisted of:

  • BB King as a used car salesman Malvern gas Peron - vocals and guitar
  • Jeff " Skunk " Baxter - Guitar
  • Gary U.S. Bonds - Vocals
  • Eric Clapton - vocals and guitar
  • Clarence Clemons - vocals, tenor saxophone and tambourine
  • Jack DeJohnette - Drums
  • Bo Diddley - vocal and guitar
  • Jon Faddis - trumpet
  • Isaac Hayes - Vocals
  • Dr. John - Vocals and Piano
  • Tommy " Pipes" McDonnell - Vocals
  • Charlie Musselwhite - vocals and harmonica
  • Billy Preston - Vocals and Synthesizer
  • Lou Rawls - Vocals
  • Joshua Redman - Tenor Saxophone
  • Paul Shaffer - band leader and song
  • Koko Taylor - Vocals
  • Travis Tritt - vocals and guitar
  • Jimmie Vaughan - vocals and guitar
  • Grover Washington, Jr. - Baritone Saxophone
  • Willie Weeks - Bass Guitar
  • Steve Winwood - vocals and electric organ

Other Actors

  • Joe Morton as Cab [ el] Chamberlain
  • Nia Peeples as Lieutenant Elizondo
  • Frank Oz as a prison superintendent
  • Shann Johnson as a dancer Matara
  • Kathleen Freeman as Mother Mary Stigmata
  • Steve Lawrence as Maury Sline
  • Darrell Hammond as a squad leader Robertson
  • Michael Bondar as a Russian criminal
  • Slavko Hochevar as a Russian criminal
  • Igor Syyouk as Tstetsevkaya
  • Victor Pedtrchenko as Ivan
  • Wally High as a Russian criminal
  • Richard Kruk as a Russian criminal
  • John Lyons as a Russian criminal
  • Jeff Morris as Bob


These songs are played in the following scenes: