Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

Carlo Azeglio Ciampi [ karlo addzɛʎ ː o tʃampi ] ( born December 9, 1920 in Livorno) from 1999 to 2006, the President of Italy. Ciampi waived because of his age on a bid again, and was succeeded by Giorgio Napolitano.


Ciampi studied literature and philosophy, then law, including in Leipzig. In 1941 and in 1946 he completed his studies. During the Second World War he was active in the Italian resistance movement. After the war, Ciampi worked at the Bank of Italy, where he held several important offices. In 1979 he became head of the central bank. Ciampi, who is regarded as a convinced European, played a major role in the accession of Italy to the European Monetary System. Furthermore, he succeeded despite internal political crises, to keep the Italian lira largely stable.

During the political crisis in Italy early nineties called President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro Ciampi as prime minister, but he stepped back a year later after Silvio Berlusconi won the early elections. From 1996 to 1999 Ciampi was under the Prime Minister Romano Prodi and Massimo D' Alema, Minister of the Treasury and Minister for the Budget and Economic Planning. With its strict policy of fiscal consolidation Ciampi managed the introduction of the euro in Italy ( " Signor EUR ").

On May 13, 1999 Ciampi was elected to succeed Scalfaros the tenth President of the Italian Republic. His election shall take place in the first round with 707 votes. He was for many Italians very popular ( " Presidente con anima " ) and was considered as a serious counterpart to the office during his tenure, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Several times Ciampi laws of the then ruling coalition refused to sign.

2005 Ciampi was awarded the Charlemagne Prize of Aachen. The Italian was awarded " in recognition of his life's work to the European integration progress and as a mediator between the worlds ". Ciampi accepted the award on May 5 against the Coronation Hall of Aachen City Hall. In 2006, he decided, despite many requests from all political blocs to follow the example of his predecessors and not to run for a second term as president. Like all former President (Article 59 paragraph 1 of the Italian Constitution ) Ciampi was after the end of his term, in 2006, a senator for life.

In 2006 Ciampi was the patron of the Olympic Winter Games in Turin.