Cieza (Murcia)

Cieza is a town in the northern Spanish region of Murcia. The urban area extends over 365 square kilometers. Cieza lies in the fertile valley of Segura.

The most important industry is agriculture, especially the cultivation of peaches and olives.

The area around Cieza has been inhabited since the Paleolithic Age. From this period archaeological remains are still found in the nearby Almadenes Gorge. Holdover from the Islamic period to be recovered in the archaeological site of Moorish Medina siyâsa.

With the World Cup in the olive pit spitting place every year since 1995 the end of August spain widely acclaimed Joke spectacle in Cieza instead. It attracts tens of thousands of spectators and media representatives from around the country.

The most important local celebrations are the celebrations of Saint Anthony on January 17, and St. Bartholomew on August 24.