Coppa Placci

The Coppa Placci was until 2010 a cycling day races in Italy and San Marino.

The goal of the 1923 inaugural race was in San Marino. It was since the introduction of the UCI ProTour in 2005, part of the UCI Europe Tour race series and is classified in the category 1.HC.

The race length was about 200 km, with the driver still had at the end of the race the Titano, the increase to San Marino climb.

The race was first held in 1923.

2011, the Giro della Romagna race with the merged and was held under the name of Giro di Romagna et Coppa Placci. After this race was in 2012 not more also discharged, it merged with the Giro del Veneto to the Giro del Veneto - Coppa Placci.

List of winners