Donald Dewar

Donald Campbell Dewar ( born August 21, 1937 in Glasgow, † 11 October 2000 in Edinburgh) was a Scottish Labour Party politician and from 1999 until his death in the first First Minister of Scotland, after the re-establishment of the Scottish Parliament.

Donald Dewar was first elected to the House of Commons in 1966. After the victory of the Labour Party in 1997, he was appointed under the government of Tony Blair for Secretary of State for Scotland. In this position, he oversaw the implementation of the Scotland Act 1998, which led to the formation of an independent Scottish Parliament among others. In the first election of the newly created Parliament, he led the Scottish Labour Party and was named after the election victory for the first minister in a coalition government with the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Death and funeral

In April 2000, Donald Dewar was admitted to a cardiac examination in a hospital after being in a previous study minor irregularities were noted. Later he had an operation to correct the malfunction of a heart valve, which forced him to three months in office, pause, during which the Deputy First Minister Jim Wallace took office. In August 2000, Donald Dewar was able to take over the business of government again.

On 10 October 2000 he crashed around noon. At first he seemed to be healthy, but he suffered a severe stroke on the same day, which may have been favored in the aftermath of heart surgery by treatment with blood thinners. He died the next day at 12:18 local time clock in the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh at the age of 63 years.

The funeral was held in Glasgow Cathedral under unprecedented sympathy for a Scottish politician. Donald Dewar was cremated and his ashes scattered in the Burgh Lochgilphead.


The merits for the Scottish Parliament brought Donald Dewar in some circles the reputation as the "father of the nation", even if the Scottish Parliament in its early years had some problems.

In May 2002, Prime Minister Tony Blair unveiled a statue of Donald Dewar in Buchanan Street in Glasgow. As an allusion to the never quite perfect appearance for the Donald Dewar was known, the statue wears a slightly crumpled jacket. In October 2005, the statue was dismantled for cleaning and then placed on a 2 meter high pedestal, to stop the ongoing vandalism. In the base of the statue, the first words of the Scotland Act were engraved: "There Shall Be A Scottish Parliament ," a phrase to the Donald Dewar once the famous comment " I Like That! " gave.

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