Ex (Film)

  • Claudio Bisio: Sergio
  • Nancy Brilli: Caterina
  • Cristiana Capotondi: Giulia
  • Cecile Cassel: Monique
  • Fabio De Luigi Paolo
  • Alessandro Gassman: Davide
  • Claudia Gerini: Elisa
  • Flavio Insinna: Don Lorenzo
  • Silvio Orlando: Luca
  • Martina Pinto: Valentina
  • Carla Signoris: Loredana
  • Gianmarco Tognazzi: Corrado
  • Giorgia Würth: Roberta
  • Malik Zidi: Marc
  • Vincenzo Salemme: Filippo
  • Elena Sofia Ricci: Michela
  • Arthur Dupont: Jacques
  • Wilfred Benaiche: Monsieur Giresse
  • Élodie Bollée: Sophie
  • Angelo Infanti: Father of Elisa
  • Babak Karimi: doctor
  • Roberta Gemma: cloakroom attendant
  • Colin Moss: John
  • Marta Zoffoli lawyer by Loredana

Ex is an Italian comedy film from the year 2009. The film was made by the Italian director Fausto Brizzi for Italian International Film and Rai Cinema. It is the third film of the director.


The relationships of six pairs that are in various ways related to each other are realized for various reasons in resolution.

The psychologist and psychology professor Sergio, played by Claudio Bisio, has separated from his wife years ago. When this comes through a car accident, pull the two adolescent daughters to him. As he has previously done a Playboy life, he has to change. He finds out that his wife loved him all the time about the separation.

Although the judge must Luca families together again in his office of judge, but at the same time breaking his marriage with Loredana apart. Having quarreled with his wife, he moves in with his son. In a supermarket raid his wife is injured and the two find each other again. His daughter, who works in Paris, is added to New Zealand, which is a strong ordeal for her relationship with her Parisian friend.

The surgeon Paolo has a relationship with Monique. He is haunted by a former lover Monique, the policeman Davide. Paolo can be more eccentric excursions and hiding come to Davide to go out of the way, for example, to a 200 kilometers from Rome distant concert of the band Jalisse in Pescara and a motel in the 400 km distant region of Basilicata - but this succeeds in the first case and not in the second case it leads to the end of the relationship with Monique. After Davide is shot at the super market raid, Paolo must operate on him. Paolo saves his life. After the two find out that Monique already has a new, they are reconciled.

Elisa 's wedding preparations with Corrado. The priest who will marry her, turns out to Elisha's large youth love Lorenzo. In the end, the priest decides to give up his office and Elisha are Corrado at the altar a run through.

Publication dates

The theatrical release was in Italy on 6 February 2009 in Spain under the title Ex: Todos tenemos uno on 24 July 2009 in Brazil under the title Ah ... O Amor! January 15, 2010 in South Korea on 21 January 2010 and in Argentina under the title Todos tenemos un ... Ex on April 22, 2010. Though Rai Trade sold at the International Film Festival of Cannes 2009, the film rights to Germany, there was the film but not shown in cinemas. The rights for German -language television broadcasts are at the Salzburg TV distributor Alliance. The German premiere was in the pay- TV on February 8, 2013 Romance TV and free-TV on April 22, 2013, MDR.

Except in cinemas, the film was also shown at some festivals, such as at the 2009 Accade Domani - Nuovo Cinema Italiano, which is an event that takes place in eight Italian cities, on the Busan International Film Festival 2009, the Alpe d ' Huez film Festival 2010 in the department of Isère and the Festival del Cinema Italiano 2010 in Tokyo. At festivals in the United States and Australia, the film was also titled Many Kisses Later.


The rotation began on 15 July 2008., The film was shot in Italy ( Rome ), France ( Paris ) and South Africa (those scenes that take place in the film in New Zealand). The film had a budget of 8 million euros. Alone in Italy he played until May 2009 a 12 million euro. Ex was funded by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities ( Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali ) with one million euros. A continuation under the name Ex - Amici come prima! 2011 was turned with in North Rhine -Westphalia, director this time was Carlo Vanzina; the first performance in Italy was on 7 October 2011.

The soundtrack for Ex wrote the Italian composer Bruno Zambrini who wrote, among other things already film scores for Piero Vivarelli, Duccio Tessari, Gabriele Crisanti, Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia, Giorgio Capitani and dozens of films by Neri Parenti and, as a composer for Joe Sentieri Domenico Modugno, Gianni Morandi, Rita Pavone, Alessandro Alessandroni, Mina, Patty Pravo, Little Tony wrote. Even in the first two films of the director Fausto Brizzi, he wrote the score. As title song of the film Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt was used. On the film soundtrack can also be found among other Biagio Antonacci, Tom Jones, Jalisse (entitled Fiume the parole, with whom she had finished fourth on the Euro Vision Song Contest 1997), Franco Battiato, Oasis, Dido, Raf, John Legend Alicia Keys ( with If I Is not Got You ), Pink, Gavin DeGraw, The Fray, Luca Carboni, John Mayer and Enrico Ruggeri.

While the film in Italy the age rating "T" has ( released for all ages) and in Australia "M" ( also released for all ages), he was promoted to Argentina to " 13". In South Korea, it is recommended to be at least 18.


Manuel Celentano gives the movie on film e DVD 3.5 out of 5 stars:

"Il modello di Brizzi è il di Richard Curtis, Love actually ', e come la nota anche questo pellicola inglese movie presenta un variegato mosaico di relazioni Sentimentali, incentrate in particolare nei Rapporti fra ex. "

" The model of Brizzi is Richard Curtis's film Love Actually ... ', and how the well-known British film, this film presents a varied mosaic of romantic relationships, with particular emphasis on the handling of former relations. "



Ex was for the most important Italian film award, the Premio David di Donatello, nominated in ten out of 25 categories in 2009, but none of them could win: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress ( Carla Signoris ), Best Supporting Actor ( Claudio Bisio ) Best Original Score, Best original song, Best Editing, Best Sound (Marco Fiumara ), and Premio David Giovani.

For the Nastro d' Argento in 2009, a film prize, which is awarded by the Professional Association of Italian Film Journalists SGNCI, Ex has been honored with seven nominations in six categories: Best Comedy, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor ( Claudio Bisio and Silvio Orlando ), Best Supporting Actress ( Carla Signoris ), Best Editing and Best original song ( Biagio Antonacci ). Ex won the award for best comedy.