Federal Dependencies of Venezuela

The Dependencias Federales are a nationwide direct area in Venezuela. They include - with the exception of the state of Nueva Esparta islands belonging - all the coastal islands and islets in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Venezuela. The islands with a total area of 342 km ² are sparsely populated or even uninhabited. Official sources say the permanent population of approximately 3,000 inhabitants, a further 100 people from Isla Margarita inhabit the islands from time to time to fish. The mayor of Venezuela's capital Caracas takes the local administrative true.


The Dependencias Federales consist of about 600 islands and islets. Many of them have an area of ​​not less than 10,000 square meters and are often only rocks that rise from the sea. The largest of these islands is La Tortuga, which occupies almost half of the total area of ​​the administration area.

Major islands and archipelagos

  • Isla Aves
  • Las Aves ( Islas de Aves) Ave de Barlovento, the eastern island group consists of a reef 8 km in diameter and 3 islands in the southwest
  • Ave de Sotavento, the western island group has a large mangrove -covered island in the south
  • Isla La Orquilla
  • Isla Los Morochos
  • Isla Grueso
  • Isla Pico (Isla Pando )
  • Isla Chiquito
  • Monje del Sur
  • Monje del este
  • Monje del Norte