Franz Fischler

Franz Fischler ( born September 23, 1946 in Absam, Tyrol) was provided by Austria EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries from 1995 to 31 October 2004. Between 2005 and the end of 2011 Franz Fischler was president of the Eco-Social Forum since March 20, 2012 he has been President of the European Forum Alpbach.


After studying agriculture at the University of Agricultural Sciences in Vienna, which he completed in 1978 ( Dr. rer. Nat. Oec. ), He worked as an assistant until 1979 he was assistant in the Agricultural Chamber of Tyrol. This he headed from 1985 to 1989. Since his school days, he is a member of the middle school connection K.Ö.St.V. Star corona Hall, later ( 1997) he was of the fraternity K.Ö.HV Mercuria Vienna awarded an honorary band.

The ÖVP member Fischler was 1989-1994 Austrian Federal Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, and from 1990 a member of the National Council. In 1995, after Austria's accession to the European Union, he became European Commissioner in Brussels. He was until 2004 responsible for the departments of Agriculture and Rural Development. Since 1999, the fishery was within his remit.

It is Franz Fischler conceded by many pages that adopted at the Berlin Summit in March 1999 Agenda 2000 clearly bear his signature. Most recently, he suggested the introduction of a Tobin tax or the tax on kerosene at European level in order to finance the enlargement.

On 3 March 2003 Franz Fischler was made ​​an honorary citizen of the former private IMADEC University in Vienna.

From June 2005 until end of December 2012 Franz Fischler was President of the People's Party -affiliated think tanks Ecosocial Forum Europe. In this context, he sat down heavily to the concerns of global sustainability, and development cooperation. As a Conservative It shall also strong for the abandonment of the ideology that tends to be left topics and is considered a major supporter of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. In the same year he also founded a consulting company in his home town.

Following the parliamentary elections in Austria 2006, he reproached the ÖVP social coldness, an exclusive focus on rural areas, insufficient consideration of the female proportion of the population and lack of innovative perspectives on education and advocated a complete reform of the party.

Fischler in 2011 was nominated for election to lead the Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO) of the United Nations. At the 37th Conference of the FAO Fischler received in the election 10 of 180 votes. The new Chairman of the Brazilian José Graziano da Silva was elected.



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