Germany's Sports Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame of German sports is a virtual place to honor German athletes as well as sports personalities in the voluntary sector, patrons and other persons who have become through performance, fair play and interaction model. The Hall can be visited on the Internet. In addition, there is a " Gallery of the Hall of Fame of German sport ", consisting of a number of individual portrait paintings of Bensheimer artist Hans Borchert, which is offered as traveling exhibitions.

History and Profile

The idea for the Hall of Fame of German sport was first presented in 2006, on the occasion of the presentation of the Golden Sports Pyramid Franz Beckenbauer presented. At this time, eleven persons were appointed, namely all existing owners of this award posthumously Willi and Tom Thumb and Josef Neckermann. By the end of 2007, a further 29 individuals were selected by a 25 - member jury, chaired by Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. The founding ceremony was held on 6 May 2008 in the presence of Federal President Horst Köhler held at the German Historical Museum in Berlin. 2011 Hall of Fame was again greatly expanded by 21 persons, in 2012 by a further 5 people. In addition, the carrier conferred annually Golden Sports Pyramid, the German Sports Aid will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. 2013 were inducted into the Hall of Fame 4 people.

Proposal be right:

  • The German Sports Aid Foundation,
  • The German Olympic Sports Confederation and
  • The Association of German sports journalists.

In the "Hall of Fame of German sport " were taken


Recording statistics according to sports and status

  • With brown background all equestrian athletes are highlighted, as these were divided into three disciplines. There are five recorded equestrian athletes.
  • Sports officials are not recorded.
  • This list sorted by the status of those admitted, that is, whether they were coaches, Active or functionary.
  • Absorbed who were both trainer and Active are counted twice.


Critics pointed at the founding ceremony out that only three women and a GDR athletes were recorded. The jury responded that it had been task members to choose posthumously. The major surviving East German athletes so did not come into question.

In addition, the membership of some athletes in the NSDAP was not mentioned in the official exhibition on the internet. This is contrary to the inclusion criteria of " sports personalities in the voluntary sector, patrons and other persons recognized by their performance and attitude in the sport as a role model ." The " German Sports Aid Foundation " took to the criticism and changed the criteria (see Introduction). In addition, some CVs have been revised.

Criticism was also leveled at the English term "Hall of Fame " for a German institution.