Jaguar Mark IX

The Jaguar Mark IX was a four-door luxury saloon, the Jaguar made ​​in autumn 1958 as a successor to the Jaguar Mark VIII on the market. The type of vehicle had a six-cylinder in-line engine with 3781 cc and 220 bhp. Over a four-speed transmission with floor shift operation of these to the rear wheels, making the sedan reached a top speed of 185 km / hr. Optionally, a four-speed transmission with overdrive or a three -speed automatic was available.

The chassis and body were taken from the previous. All four wheels were now fitted with disc brakes, and the car decreed standard with power steering, except the so-called Mark- VIII - B models for the military, who received a cut-off wheel instead of the steering servo. Until 1961 10.012 copies were manufactured before the model was replaced by the Jaguar Mark X.

Heck with small rear lights of the early series



Jaguar Mark IX

1960 Jaguar MK IX Front and Right Side View

Rear view

Rear and left side view

Rear and side view on the right

Interior at night

Interior at night


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