Jaguar 420 and Daimler Sovereign (1966–69)

Jaguar 420

The Jaguar 420 was a four-door sedan sporty character, the Jaguar in 1966 brought to the market to fill the niche between the Jaguar S-Type and the big sedan Mark X.

Model history

The model provided a link between the classic Jaguar Mark II and the drive technology of the Mark X. Technically, the car is not largely corresponded to the three years previously presented S-Type, which in turn was a modification of the Mark II, for reasons of space but with the 4, 2 -liter six- cylinder of the Mk X was equipped. The 420 was a longer front end, so now this engine could be started. Visually, the 420 with the Mark II, only the passenger compartment had in common. He took over the rear of the S-Type, which was already modeled on that of the Mark X. While the front end of the S-Type, however, had yet complied with the Mark II, it has now also matched to the Mark X at 420, so the 420 looked like a " Mark X to the central part of a Mark II ".

For the 420, the 4235 cc six-cylinder in - line engine has been modified in detail. While the engine in a Jaguar E-Type and the Mark X had a triple SU carburettors, it was equipped with the 420 only with a twin carburettors and made only relatively small 183 kW. As power transmission Jaguar offered a newly developed automatic Borg Warner or the self-developed four-speed transmission with floor shift and facultative overdrive, which was developed in 1965 for the S -Type. From the S-Type, the 420 differed by more powerful brakes and a revised power steering. The top speed was 198 km / h

Daimler Sovereign

The vehicle was also sold as the Daimler Sovereign. While the Jaguar was offered 420-1968, Daimler Sovereign remained until 1969 in the program and was thus sold alongside the new Jaguar XJ 6 for a short time. The Daimler corresponded to technically complete the Jaguar; in particular, he was - 250 V8 other than Daimler Mark II variant Daimler - not offered with Daimler's own 2.5 -liter eight-cylinder engine. It should, however, have given some later conversions by external workshops. Externally the Sovereign differed from the 420 through the ribbed grille and upscale amenities.

Production data

The Jaguar was made much more frequently than the much more expensive Daimler Sovereign. The left-hand drive version Sovereign is the rarest specimen of the Model Family:


Jaguar 420 (1968)

420 ( left) and Daimler Sovereign (right)

Jaguar 420 and Daimler Sovereign

Interior of the Jaguar 420

Back seat of the Jaguar 420


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