Jonathan Penrose

Jonathan Penrose OBE ( born October 7, 1933, Colchester ) is an English chess master. He was in the 1960s and early 1970s as the best English chess player.

He is the brother of the two known mathematician Oliver Penrose and Roger Penrose, and son of the scientist Lionel Penrose.



Penrose won 1958-1969 ten times the British Individual Championship nine times and played for the English team in Chess Olympiads ( 1952-1974 ). In 1960 he succeeded at the Olympics in Leipzig a victory against the world chess champion Mikhail Tal. In 1968 he won at the Olympics in Lugano on board one very good 12.5 points from 15 games ( 10, -0 = 5). In 1961 he was awarded the FIDE title of International Master lent his current Elo rating is 2405 (as of April 2008). In 1993 he received from the FIDE Grand Master title awarded honorary. Currently ( January 2014 ), he is thus one of only two living honor grandmasters.

Correspondence Chess

Penrose has largely withdrawn in the 1970s by OTB chess and since then has been especially active in correspondence chess. With the English team, he won the gold medal at the 9th Correspondence Chess Olympiad, he is since 1983 Grandmaster of ICCF in correspondence chess.