Nigel Short

Nigel David Short MBE ( born June 1 1965 in Leigh ) is an English chess Grandmaster.


Nigel Short took already twelve years at the British Championship for adults participate in this tournament, defeating the national champion Jonathan Penrose. At fifteen, he became Vice Junior World Champion behind Garry Kasparov. Short was national team and won the tournament in 1983 in Baku. In 1984 he was awarded the grandmaster title. In 1985, he came up before the Candidates Tournament of Montpellier and took there the shared 10th place.

In 1986 and 1987 he won in Wijk aan Zee. In 1992, he defeated Anatoly Karpov in the Candidates tournament, after he had Jonathan Speelman and Boris Gelfand defeated. In 1993, he won about Jan Timman in Candidates final and won the right to contest a discharge against Kasparov for the World Chess Championship.

As for not wanting to deliver the world championship match in the conditions of FIDE, the FIDE disqualified both players and put a "replacement" World Championship. Short and Kasparov then founded 1993, the Professional Chess Association ( PCA), an organization that broke up again after the alignment of the World Cup cycle 1994/1995. The PCA was a rival organization to FIDE and carried out their own World Championships. PCA champion Kasparov in 1993 by a 12,5:7,5 against Short.

2004 Short won the championship of the Commonwealth, in September 2006, the Championship of the European Union in Liverpool and in November 2006 in Mumbai again the Commonwealth Championship. He wrote regular chess columns in the English newspapers ( September 2005 to October 2006 in The Guardian, previously in the Daily Telegraph ).

In July 2007, negotiated an application filed by Zurab Asmaiparaschwili complaint against him before the Ethics Commission of FIDE. Short had criticized against Topalov for his role as a member of the tribunal in the championship fight Kramnik Asmaiparaschwili. The Commission decided that the statements shorts are essentially covered by the right to freedom of expression, however, rebuked him for using the word " dunderhead " ( fool ).

2008 Short won in Nagpur again the Commonwealth Championship. In June 2009, he won the Sigeman tournament in Malmö, in August, he scored 8 points over 10 games, the best result at the Staunton Memorial in London. In September he won in Mukachevo a match against Sachar Jefymenko with 3,5:2,5 ( 2 = 3 -1).

The Championship of Great Britain, he won the 1984, 1987 and 1998.

Shorts current Elo rating is 2674, so that it is ranked 59 of the FIDE world rankings and is named after Michael Adams ( 13th) and Luke McShane ( number 50 ) the third best English players ( at March 2014).

He is married to a Greek woman and has two children: a daughter (* 1991) and a son (* 1998).

Chess team


Since 1984, he took part with the English team at 15 Chess Olympiads, scoring 97.5 points out of 158 games. With the team he reached in 1984, 1986 and 1988 ranked second, also in 1986 he succeeded the highest individual score on the third board (10 points from 13 games). Between 1983 and 2013 took part in seven short European Team Championships, in 1997 he won the competition with the English team in Pula. 1985, 1989 and 1997 took part with the English Short team at the World Team Championship, he reached in 1985 and 1989 respectively in third place.

Chess club

Nigel Short played in the British Four Nations Chess League ( 4NCL ) from 1999 to 2003 in Wood Green, since 2011 he plays at Guilford A & DC. He won the 4NCL 2003 and 2013. In the German Chess Bundesliga Short in the 1983/84 season at SG Passenger / Spengemann, from 1985 to 1988 and from 1990 to 1992 with the Schachgesellschaft Solingen, with whom he was in 1987 and 1988 German team champion, and in the 1998/99 season at SV Castrop -Rauxel. In the French Top 16 Short played in the season 2003/ 04, at CMEC Monaco, the Netherlands Meesterklasse he won in 2013 with En Passant Bunschoten- Spakenburg. The Bosnian Premijer League won Short 2004 with the ŠK Bosna Sarajevo, with which he was runner-up three years later.


In one of the most sensational games in the history of chess Short enforced in an unusual manner against Jan Timman victory: Nigel Short led the white stones, the Dutchman Timman had black. Played the game in 1991 at the traditional tournament in the Dutch city of Tilburg. The tournament was won by former world champion Garry Kasparov with 1.5 points on shorts, the sole second ( 8.5 out of 14 ) was.

Timman defends himself with the Alekhine Defence, which does not have a very good reputation at the highest level and is not commonly done.

Other trains are played here 7.a2 -a4 and 7.Nf3 - g5.

This train was unknown until now. In Shorts own practice he met here before the train 14 .. Bc8 - d7 (Short - Hennigan, Championship of Great Britain 1987).

White has according to Short in this position over advantage.

Probably was 22 ... Dc5 -f8 better.

It was not 26.Lh6xg7 instead? , Because Ta8xd8

White threatened to spread to different answers with 27.Txf7!

An interesting possibility was here instead 28.c4 c5? b6xc5 29.Dh4 - c4 -e4 Qc6 30.Dc4xc5 De4xa4 31.Sf3 - g5! Bb7 -d5! 32.Dc5 - e7! KG7 - g8 33.Td7xc7 with assault.

The crucial error. 31 .. Bb7 - c8 was the only train that could play the black, but after 32.g2 - g4! h5xg4 33.Sf3 g5 - g4 - g3 ! 34.f2xg3 Bc8 - b7 35.Sg5 -e4 ( 35.Df6 -f1 also wins ) 35 ... Dc6xa4 36.h4 h5 - Da4xc2 37.Se4 - f2 g6xh5 38.Td4 -d3 -e4 Bb7 39.Td3 - Dc2 d2 -b1 40.Td2 -d1 b1 -c2 -d2 41.Td7 Dc2xc4 42.Td2 -d4 White is also on profit (variant of Short specified). Would also be possible (after 31 .. Bb7 - c8 ) 32.Td7 - e7! Te8xe7 33.Df6xe7 Bc8 - b7 - 34.Kh2 g3 Qc6 - c5 35.De7xc5! b6xc5 36.Td1 - d7 with a clear advantage, for example 36 ... Lb7xf3? 37.Kg3xf3 Rf8 - c8 38.Kf3 Kg8 -f8 - f4 39.f2 -f3! (but not 39.Kf4 - g5? Kf8 - e8 with compensation ) 39 ... Kf8 - e8 40.Td7 Rd8 -d3 - b3 - b8 41.Td3! Tb8 - b4 42.Tb3xb4 c5xb4 43.Kf4 - e7 - g5 44.g2 - g4 Ke8 h5xg4 45.f3xg4 with a slight profit.

The introduction to undeckbaren Matt!

Black can only watch yet.

Timman was on here. On 34 .. Lc8xd7 follows 35.Kg5 h6 and - white sets in the next train with Df6 - g7 matte. Black plays 34 .. Kg8 - h7, so does White with 35.Df6xg6 the ( then uncovered ) farmers g6 ( f7 is tied ), and sets a few moves later matt. A king march to " full " board, as he has not seen before. The discovered to a win of Short looks more like a trial than a really played tournament game. The game won the Special Prize of the Schachinformators as the best game of the Schachinformators 53 (this is also the source for the used notes).