Joseph Cao

Joseph Cao ( born March 13, 1967 in Saigon, South Vietnam as Cao Quang Ánh ) is an American politician ( Republican) and lawyer. In December 2008, he was elected as the first person of Vietnamese origin in the House of Representatives of the United States, where he represented the 2nd Congressional District of Louisiana until 2011.


Joseph Cao left South Vietnam in 1976 and moved with his mother and sisters to the United States, where the family settled in Houston. He completed his physics studies at Baylor University in a Bachelor and earned a Master's in philosophy from Fordham University. Eventually he acquired in 2000 Juris Doctor from Loyola University.

Cao worked in the episode as a solicitor and later began to get involved politically. In 2007 he applied in vain for a seat in the House of Representatives of Louisiana; the following year he went to in the election for the House of Representatives against the Democratic incumbent William J. Jefferson. This came after he had previously been questioned due to corruption investigations in his own party, only 46.8 % of the vote and had his seat after 18 years cede to Cao, who reached a share of 49.5 %. In the 2010 elections, Joseph Cao was defeated with only 33 % of the vote to Democrat Cedric Richmond came to 65 % of the vote.