Juneyao Airlines

  • Shanghai Hongqiao
  • Shanghai - Pudong

Juneyao Airlines ( IATA: HO ICAO: DKH ) is a Chinese airline based in Shanghai.


The airline was founded in 2005 and operates with an all-Airbus fleet currently a network of 34 destinations within China and five other destinations in Japan, South Korea and Thailand. The turnstile is currently at Shanghai Hongqiao airport, but is also the second airport in Shanghai, the Shanghai Pudong Airport as a major hub. The Company's policy is to continue to grow and expand the route network. However (Chinese authority for civil aviation ) as a result of the incident of 13 August 2011, by the decision of the CAAC further growth plans Juneyao Airlines until further prohibited (see Incidents ).


Based on Shanghai's two airports currently 26 destinations are served regularly. Currently, only flights are operated within China, where there is a large part of the objectives in the populous east of the country.


As of November 2013, the fleet of Juneyao Airlines consists of 33 aircraft:

  • 32 Airbus A320 -200
  • 01 Airbus A321 -200
  • 02 Airbus A321 -200


  • On August 13, 2011, a Boeing 777 Qatar Airways said after more than an hour queuing on approach to Shanghai - Pudong air distress ( Mayday ), since the remaining amount of fuel had fallen below the required balance available. Thus, an immediate landing on the selected as an alternate destination airport Shanghai Hongqiao should be obtained. At the same time, an Airbus A320 of Juneyao Airlines ( flight HO -1112 ) landing at Shanghai Hongqiao was. The commander ignored the instructions of the air traffic controller to abort its landing approach without delay and carried out the landing, although the air got into emergency flight was to give priority. Although both flights safely reached their destination, the incident, according to the investigating CAAC a material breach of the applicable national and international air law dar. The incident has significant implications for the development of the airline Juneyao, because the authority said the airline 's further expansion and reduced the number of flights from Juneyao Airlines by 10% for three months. In addition, the adjustment of staff from abroad was prohibited in light of the nationality of the aircraft captain concerned.