Kaltan (Russian Калтан ) is a city in Kemerovo Oblast (Russia) with 21,892 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The city is located in the southern part of the Kuzbass, 40 km south-east of the river Kondoma Novokuznetsk, a left tributary of the Tom. The climate is continental.

The city is the Kaltan Oblast administratively subordinated directly.

Kaltan is located on the opened on this section 1936 railway line and the road Novokuznetsk - Taschtagol.


Kaltan originated in 1946 from a Shor settlement in connection with the construction of the Southern Kuzbass thermal power plant. In 1950 the town was urban-type settlement status. In 1959 the town rights. Before the city was placed under direct administration of the oblast in 1993, however, she was placed under the administration of the city Ossinniki.


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In addition to the coal industry for the left here Southern Kuzbass thermal power plant ( Южно - Кузбасская ГРЭС / Yuzhno- Kusbasskaja GRES ) there are plants of mechanical engineering as well as wood and building materials industry.