Kawaguchi, Saitama

Kawaguchi (Japanese川口 市, Kawaguchi -shi ) is a city in Saitama Prefecture on Honshu, the main island of Japan. It is located on the northern edge of Tokyo. Kawaguchi was on 1 April 1933 to the independent city ( shi ).

Economically important are mechanical engineering, textiles, glass and iron products as well as the electrical industry.


Kawaguchi is located north of Tokyo, south of Saitama, west of Soka and east of Toda and Warabi.


As a county-level city of Kawaguchi ( Kawaguchi -shi) 1933 created by the merger of the city Kawaguchi ( Kawaguchi -machi ) with three other villages in the district of North Adachi ( Kita- Adachi -gun ). 1940, 1956 and 1962, more village communities were incorporated. Kawaguchi 2001 was upgraded to tokurei -shi ( "Special City "). On 11 October 2011, the district-free cities of Kawaguchi and Hatogaya merged to become the new Kawaguchi.



  • Higashi- Nihon Kōsokudōro ( East Japan motorways) Tōhoku Expressway
  • Tōkyō- Gaikan Highway ( Outer ring Tokyo)
  • S1 ( Kawaguchi - line)
  • National Road 122, according to Tōkyō and Nikko
  • National Road 298


  • JR Higashi- Nihon ( " JR East Japan ," engl., JR East ) Keihin - Tohoku Line, Railway Station and Train Station Nishi Kawaguchi Kawaguchi - to Yokohama and Saitama
  • Musashino Line, Higashi- Kawaguchi Station by Funabashi or Kokubunji
  • Saitama Kosoku - tetsudō - line

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Kazuki Kaneshiro ( b. 1968 ), Japanese - Korean author
  • Chara ( singer )

Adjacent Cities and Towns

  • Saitama
  • Warabi
  • Toda
  • Hatogaya
  • Sōka
  • Tokyo: City District Kita