Lauritz Schoof

Lauritz Schoof ( born October 7, 1990 in Rendsburg ) is a German rower. In 2011 he was runner-up in the quadruple sculls. In 2012 he won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in the quadruple sculls.


Schoof 2007 was second in the coxless four at the Junior World Championships 2008 he won at the Junior World Championships, together with Martin Menger in the double sculls. 2009 won Schoof at the U23 World Championships in One.

2010 joined the German sculls to a new cast with Stephan Kruger, Tim Grohmann, Lauritz Schoof and Mathias Rocher and reached the second place in the World Cup regatta in Munich and also took second place in Lucerne with Hans Gruhne for Kruger. With Gruhne impact on the German sculls finished fourth at the helm European Championships in 2010 and the World Rowing Championships 2010.

2011 won the German quadruple sculls at the World Cup kick-off in Munich with Tim Grohmann, Philipp Wende, Karl Schulze and Lauritz Schoof, after they had won in this occupation German championship title. In the occupation Schulze, turning, Schoof and Grohmann the boat took second place at the World Cup in Hamburg and won in Lucerne. With this line of sculls also finished second place at the World Championships in Bled behind the Australian boat.

Lauritz Schoof rows for the Rendsburger rowing club. In 2012 he was awarded with the Sports badge of Schleswig- Holstein.

In the 2012 Olympics he won the gold medal in London with the quadruple sculls.

A year later he went to the 2013 World Rowing Championship in Chungju to 2nd place. Defeat them were from Croatia, and behind them followed the United Kingdom.


  • 2011: Silver Medal at the World Championships in Bled in the quadruple sculls.
  • 2012: Gold medal at the Summer Olympics in the quadruple sculls.
  • 2013: Gold medal at the Rowing Championships, Seville, in the quadruple sculls.
  • 2013: Silver medal at the World Rowing Championships 2013, Chungju, South Korea in the quadruple sculls.