Lebedyn (Ukrainian Лебедин ) is a county-level city in the northern Ukrainian Oblast of Sumy with 25,430 inhabitants ( 2013), about 45 km southwest of Oblastzentrums Sumy.

The city is the center of the same name Rajons and lies on the banks of the river Olschanka, a tributary of the Psels. For the municipality include, in addition to Lebedyn, the villages Tokari (Ukrainian Токарі, 407 inhabitants), Kudaniwka (Ukrainian Куданівка, 272 inhabitants) and Olexenkowe (Ukrainian Олексенкове, 76 inhabitants). The town has numerous architectural monuments, including a Trade Council (1868 ) and the Assumption Church (1769 ).


Lebedyn was founded in 1652 and was during the Tsarist administrative center of a Ujesd in the government of Kharkov. 1897 lived in the town of 14,301 inhabitants, of whom 95.8 % Ukrainians, 2.8% Russians, 0.8 % Jews and 0.2 % Poland.

The status of the independent city was the site in 1993.

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