Romny (Ukrainian Ромни; Russian Ромны ) is a city in Sumy Oblast in north- eastern Ukraine. Romny is the center of the same name, and has 44,100 inhabitants Rajons ( 2013).


The city is located 105 km west of the Oblastzentrum Sumy on the banks of the river Sula, a tributary of the Dnieper, in which there flows into the river Romen. The town also includes the settlement Lutschky (Ukrainian Лучки, 438 inhabitants) and villages Kolisnykowe (Ukrainian Колісникове, 43 inhabitants) and Hrabyně (Ukrainian Грабине ).


Romny was first mentioned in 1096. 1638 lived in the town of 6,000 inhabitants, which it was the largest settlement in a wide radius. 1781, she was awarded by the Russian Empress Catherine the Great, the city rights. After the population 1979-1989 was increased from 52 529 to 57 051 inhabitants, it has since fallen by more than 10 % in the course of economic transformation crisis.

Economy and Transport

Romny applied to R -1 ( Kiev Pryluky - Romny - Sumy Kursk ) and on the railway line Homel Bakhmach - Romodan - Krementschuk.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Chaim Arlosoroff (1899-1933), Zionist politicians
  • Abram Joffe (1880-1960), Physicist
  • Isaac Black (* 1923-2009 ), composer (including film music )
  • Grigori Sokolnikov (1888-1939), Soviet politician