35.91027777777814.452777777778Koordinaten: 35 ° 55 ' N, 14 ° 27' O

Lija is a village west of the capital of Malta, Valletta. It is almost completely fused with the neighboring towns of Attard and Balzan, they are collectively known as the three villages. In Lija, there are many old villas, some still in the 16th century.

Lija is also known for the local, founded in 1994, " University Residence ". This is also a residence for international guest students of the University of Malta, as well as a youth hostel.


Even in prehistoric times, the area was inhabited by Lija, which still bear witness megaliths. The present village leads back to the 16th century. 1837 Ljia received one of the first Maltese villages have a school. One of the three meeting places where the Constitution was drafted in 1921, is located in the resort.