35.89222222222214.505Koordinaten: 35 ° 54 ' N, 14 ° 30' E

Floriana (Maltese: Il- Furjana ) is a city in Malta. It is located right outside the capital city Valletta and is therefore referred to as the "gateway to Valletta ". At the Triton Fountain in Valletta Floriana is also the bus terminal.

Impressive are the small Botanical Garden ( " Argotti Gardens ") and the numerous parks of this small but important city. In Floriana Malta's oldest plays football club, Floriana FC, ​​which counts with 25 championships also the most successful football clubs in the island. On Pjazza San Publju most important public events on the island take place, including the two visits of Pope John Paul II.


  • Railway (19th Century )
  • King George Fifth Hospital ( WK -2)

Sons and daughters of the town