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Attard is a city in Malta. Attard is located in the Western District on the western edge of the urban agglomeration area around Valletta, 2 km east-southeast of Birkirkara and 4 km from the old capital Mdina. Thus, the place is about in the middle of the island.

Named after the architect of the Wignacourt aqueduct Giovanni Attard city is the seat of the President of Malta and the U.S., Tunisian and Chinese Embassy, the New Zealand Consul General and the papal nuncio.

In Attard of the opera and concert singer Joseph Calleja was born in 1978.

Urban Development

Due to its location at the junction of the urbanized rural area of Malta Attard has developed into a preferred place of residence since the 1980s. Until then, it was the smallest of the "Three Villages" Attard, Balzan and Lija, which are very close together; today it is the third largest of the ten places of the district Western. Therefore, it was raised in 1994 to a territorial entity with its own administration.


The comparatively fertile surrounding countryside is largely used for agriculture. Attard is therefore the site of the Maltese vegetable wholesale market. Since Attard was a village earlier, the industrialization to a few small factories limited. The local economy is now dominated by the tertiary sector, especially tourism and private clinics. Attard is the seat of the Financial Services Authority Malta Financial Services Authority.


Due to the central location was Attard since the early seventeenth century a popular location for country estates of the Knights of Malta. The 1623 by Antoine de Paule built Sant ' Anton Palace was originally the seat of the Grand Master of the Order, and later the English governor and since 1974 the President of Malta. Part of the gardens of the palace with numerous tropical trees has been available since 1882 to the public. The Marija parish church is true because of their elaborate sculptures jewelry as one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Malta. In Attard part of the aqueduct built from 1615 has been preserved, was built by the Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt to supply the capital city of Valletta with water from the highlands around Mdina.


In Attard, the Ta ' Qali Stadium, which serves as the Maltese National Stadium is located.