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Msida ( or L- Imsida ) is a port city in the north- east of Malta. Although it is quite small, it is one of the most important cities in Malta.


Her name is derived from an Arabic word which means " place of residence of a fisherman " in German. However, the name could also be of the Maltese term " Omm Sidna " (English: Mother of God) be derived, because at this point it probably was a small Lady Chapel earlier.

Msida was previously a small fishing village. Today it is more urbanized, but there are still some fishermen.

Msida in 1867 a separate municipality. The settlement was founded by a few huts in the interior of the current Valley Road and some small roads and paths that led up to the area Villambrosa. However, this condition did not last long, since 1881, the new parish was split Ħamrun. Today the Villambrosa Street is a solemn reminder Msidas court in this area. As a result, Msida other areas came to new communities lost, 1918, Santa Venera, 1968 and 1969 Pietà at Ta ' Xbiex.

The population Msidas that had to be at the best of times 11000, shrank so back to 6000 Despite the aforementioned blood-letting, the population -. Particular by settlement construction in the outer quarter Swatar back to 7600 increased. In Swatar is also the St. Martin 's College, a leading private secondary school.

Today Msida is a lively university town and the development has focused on an ever- growing number of students at the University of Malta. Likewise, in the city in recent years a number of new service providers emerged.

Provincial nature

The lower part Msidas at the output of a shallow dry valley and is a focal point for traffic to Sliema, Valletta, Birkirkara, and St. Luke's Hospital. When it rains, water collects from higher lying areas in the dry valley and crashes through Msida into the sea. This flooding in the area opposite the parish church of St. Joseph are often causes the previously disabled the traffic. A few years ago the road was therefore right in set higher by about 0.5 m at the port. In Msida one also finds an old rock chapel, which is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, and in its way is a rarity.

Msida has - also often struggle with flooding from the sea, as the city center and surrounding areas are partly below sea level - especially in winter. A new project for the collection of rain water should significantly improve the annual flooding problem in Msida and adjoining cities.

University of Malta

The University of Malta is located in the village of Tal- Qroqq in the western part Msidas above the city center. Also has the Msida Giovanni Francesco Abela Junior College and a government nursing home.


The new hospital in Malta, the "Mater Dei Hospital", also was on the verge Msidas and was opened on 29 June 2007. On a floor area of ​​over 250,000 m² in over 7000 rooms, among other 906 beds and 25 operating rooms housed. Likewise, lecture halls are included for the University of Malta.

The originally planned construction costs amounted to approximately 116 million euro and up to completion, which had been delayed by three years, to about 582 million euros. Because of bad management, it was already during the construction period the center of political discussions. Actually, this hospital was planned as a special clinic of the Nationalist government (PN ), but was rededicated with the government takeover of the Labour Party to the Central Hospital.

The marina of Msida

In the late 19th century a dry dock in the British Navy to be built in the center of the harbor of Msida near the former torpedo depots. This plan was allowed again soon fall, but instead was built here in later years, a popular marina, which has since grown steadily because of the appropriate government incentives.

Although this port " Marina Msida " is, many of the bridges and quays extend over Msida out into the adjacent cities Pietà, Ta ​​'Xbiex and Gzira.


Msida celebrates the traditional festival of St.. Josef on the first Sunday, even though its name day on March 19 in July. The local football club, Msida St. Joseph FC, ​​plays in the Maltese Premier League.