35.8454514.46686Koordinaten: 35 ° 51 ' N, 14 ° 28' O

Mqabba ( or L- Imqabba ) is a small village in the south of the island of Malta with 3102 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2010).

The place is known for its limestone quarries. Fossils have been found in the quarries Ta ' xanthine and Ta' Kandja. Early Christian catacombs, known as Ta ' Mintna have been found in this village. One of the largest fireworks producers of Malta, the Santa Marija Fireworks Factory is located in Mqabba. From these demonstrations are organized annually. Among other monuments you will find the Vincenti Tower and various chapels in Mqabba, such as the chapels of St. Basil, Our Lady of Sorrows (Mary), hl. John and hl. Catherine.

The parish church is dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady. In addition to the main Santa Marija festival with many visitors from all over the island, looking at the fireworks, the feast " Our Lady of the Lilies " is still celebrated.

Assumption is celebrated on August 15, again in Qrendi, Gudja, Għaxaq, Mosta, Attard and Victoria Rabat ( Gozo).

Our Lady of the Lilies is normally celebrated on the 3rd weekend in June.

In Mqabba FC Mqabba is located, a football club, currently in the second Maltese league, playing First Division.