List of experimental aircraft

This is a list of experimental aircraft, most of which were classified as experimental in their design. This list includes machines that did not go into mass production or present significant modifications of series machines.

U.S. experimental aircraft

X - Planes



X -29

X -43

The X-series consists of a number of aircraft and missiles with which new technologies have been tested and are. The machines were manned in part, unmanned part. Some of these developments were subject to strict secrecy.

The first X - plane, the Bell X -1, was specifically designed to break the sound barrier, which in 1947 succeeded the first time. Have also become known, the North American X - 15th

The Boeing X -32 and Lockheed Martin X-35 were test developments for the Joint Strike Fighter and differ in from the other X - planes, that were never intended for series production.

The X aircraft in numerical order:

Experimental aircraft that were planned as bombers

The following experimental aircraft are listed, which were originally planned as a bomber, but not past the prototype stage (X- identification) also have been developed for their assigned task on. These aircraft were used for feasibility studies, Engine tests or for general studies in the field of aeronautical engineering.

  • North American XB -28 Dragon ( planned B-25 version with a pressurized cabin )
  • Northrop XB -35 ( flying wing test vehicle )
  • Douglas XB -42 Mixmaster
  • Douglas XB -43 Jetmaster
  • Northrop YB -49 ( flying wing test vehicle )
  • Martin XB -51
  • Convair XB -60
  • North American XB -70

Further experimental aircraft

The dates shown are each for the first flight, or the first presentation, the individual models.

German experimental aircraft

In addition to some developments during the Third Reich, especially the Do 31 and the VJ 101C are remarkable. The Do 31 was the first and only vertical takeoff transport aircraft, the VJ 101C was the first vertical takeoff supersonic jet.

Soviet experimental aircraft

British experimental aircraft

Hungarian experimental aircraft

The Lloyd LS-1 introduced in 1915 equal to four high-altitude flight records.

Swiss experimental aircraft