Malcolm Elliott

Malcolm Elliott ( born July 1, 1961 in Sheffield ) is a British former racing driver and current sports director of a cycling team.

Malcolm Elliott began his career in 1984 at the British cycling team TI- Tower Housewares Royale. In his first year, he won two stages in the Milk Race. Over the next two years, he won there again two stages. In 1987 he was even five times successfully and so could the Appreciation decide for themselves. Even in the years 1988 to 1990 he was again successful at the now renamed Tour of Britain Tour. He also won the points classification in the Vuelta a Espana. He was British champion in 1993 and won the Grand Prix Atlanta as well as 1994. 1997, he then finished his career until 2003, he started again with the cycling. He won in his first year after the break the Havant International Grand Prix. In 2004 he secured two pieces of the FBD Insurance Rás and 2005 he was again successful, and was second overall. In the 2007 season, Elliott was the Rutland - Melton Cicle Classic decide at the age of 45 years for themselves. During the 2011 season, he finished his career and was sports director at Motorpoint ( current name: Node 4- Giordana Racing).


  • Two stages Milk Race
  • Two stages Milk Race
  • Five stages and Appreciation Milk Race
  • Two stages of the Tour of Britain
  • A stage in the Tour of Britain
  • A stage in the Tour of Britain
  • Trofeo Masferrer
  • Atlanta Grand Prix
  • United Kingdom British Champion - Road Race
  • Atlanta Grand Prix
  • Havant International Grand Prix
  • FBD Insurance Rás two stages
  • FBD Insurance Rás stage a
  • Rutland - Melton Cicle Classic


  • 2003 Pinarello Assos
  • 2004 Pinarello Assos
  • 2005 Pinarello Assos
  • 2006 Plowman -Craven
  • 2007 Pinarello RT
  • 2008 Pinarello Racing Team
  • 2009 Candi TV - Marshalls Pasta RT
  • 2010 Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta
  • 2011 Motorpoint
  • 2012 Node 4- Giordana Racing ( Sports Director )